Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A bit of fun after work

About a month after meeting up with the Chinese American guy in early July, I get an e-mail from him telling me that he's visiting again during August. Unfortunately his visit is for the week that I'm away on holiday with boyfriend number 1, so we can't meet. But a month or so after that, I get the following e-mail from him:
Hi GB:

I hope you remember me...and I hope you had a wonderful time on holiday in Aug.

I am coming to London for business again this Tuesday thru Sunday, and staying in central London (different hotel this time)

Let me know if you're free this week and want to drop by...

Let me think about this one a minute. Meet a nice guy for a bit of enjoyable fun, or turn him down? It's an easy choice to make!
Yes m8, I remember you. I might be able to visit you, lunchtime or early weekday eve would be best (not Wednesday or Friday though). Send me a txt msg (same mobile as before) - but pls txt only, never phone unless previously agreed :-)
GB x
I expect him to send me a txt msg when he arrives, but when I check my e-mails the following Tuesday, it turns out that he's sent me another e-mail instead
Hi GB,

I am here in London now. Early weekday eve may be better...how about Thursday around 5-6pm? Let me know...Here is my cell: XXXXXXXXXXX.

Why didn't he just send me a txt msg as requested?

After I'd sent him my original e-mail reply telling him that I wasn't available on the Wednesday evening, I'd then been invited to a party for a senior colleague who's being transferred to Asia. This ended up causing me to revise my plans for Wednesday evening, so the next day, I send him a txt msg to make a suggestion
Hi m8, got ur email last night. As I recall, u work near me right? Could do Thursday, but if you can meet 5pm ish today near work, might be poss today because I'm not busy until 6.30ish and we could take a cab to your hotel together? GB x
Soon I get the reply, and as I'd hoped, he's keen to see meStarbucks
Hi GB, sure we can meet at 5pm. Lets meet by Starbucks on the main road, do you know it?
I quickly send my reply
Yes of course, C U later, GB x
So it's all arranged. But then, early afternoon, I get a txt msg from B (my gorgeous Japanese Masseur)

B: Hi GB, I am free this evening. Would u like to come over? What time so i can plan for running :)

Awwww! Sometimes when I'm feeling horny there's no one available. But today I'm spoilt for choice! I'd visited B for a massage the previous Monday, which had been great, but we hadn't been able to have any fun because his masseur colleague had been there. Much as I'd like to visit both guys tonight, as well as attend the party for the senior colleague, it's just not going to be possible :-(. Having already agreed to meet the Chinese American guy, I decide to decline B:

GB: Hi B, unfortunately I am busy, I am meeting friends. But I would very much like to visit u again another time. I am free tomorrow evening up to 7:30?

But it turns out that B will be busy tomorrow evening. We agree to meet again another time.

It's nice to feel in demand :-). But by the end of the afternoon, no one else has contacted me requesting activities, so I make an excuse to leave the bank earlier than usual. Just after 5pm I'm standing patiently outside Starbucks. Five minutes later and I'm about to send him a txt msg to find out where he is, when

"Hi, hope you haven't been waiting long?"

Airplane"No, I just got here actually", I lie. "Did you have a good flight over?"

"Yes thanks, I managed to get some sleep so I've manged to avoid the jet-lag :-). Are we going to take the tube, or do you want to get a taxi?"

I much prefer taxis to tubes. We manage to hail one down without any trouble.

"Do you know that hotel?" I ask the cabbie when we're both inside the taxi, having told him where to go.

"I don't think so", replies to cabbie.

"It's quite near the tube station", we both say at once.

"Where exactly?"

What rubbish is this? All cabbies should know all the major London hotels, it's part of their training.

"Well just take us to the tube nearby", says my Chinese American friend, "we can easily walk from there".

I start getting irritated. What's the point of paying for a taxi if he doesn't take you where you want to go?

"No, take us to the hotel", I insist, "and if you don't know where it is, I guess I'll have to tell you where to go!"

I can tell that the cabbie understands my frustration.

"We're paying good money for this", I explain to my companion quietly, "so he'll do what we want! It doesn't make sense to ask him to take us to the tube if we want to be at the hotel!!"

I probably take too many cabs. Most London cab drivers are indeed excellent, but for some reason I become a bit irrational when a cabbie falls short of their usual good service. And when we get close, it turns out that the cabbie does know where to go!

"I was just joking with you", says the cabbie.

What a weird sense of humour, it certainly didn't seem funny at the time :-(.

"They've given me an executive room for some reason", says the Chinese American guy as we're walking through the hotel lobby, "which is nice. I've got loads of space, and a great view too :-)".

We share the lift with a smart young guy who looks us both up and down suspiciously. I smile at him, maybe it would be fun to invite him along too? But he just looks at me even more suspiciously so I'm thankful when we get to our floor. I obviously don't have cuteCTguy's knack at picking up guys in lifts!

Once we've arrived in the executive room, without thinking we both start stripping off, as though it's completely routine.

"Let me hang your suit up for you honey", he says, in a calm, matter of fact voice.

Soon we're on the large king size double bed together, naked apart from our undershorts. He's got a nice smooth body, and although he's been at the office all day, he smells lovely. Now that he's got me where he wants me, he comes over all assertive, and pushes my head down firmly onto the pillow to kiss me deeply. I guess it's true, sometimes I like to be in control, but sometimes I do just like to be dominated! We have a nice time together.

Afterwards we lie in each others arms for perhaps 30 minutes, and as we're lying there, he massages me quite roughly. I don't complain, and actually I quite enjoy it. But eventually it's time for me to go to the party.

"I hope you enjoy the rest of your time in London", I say as I'm leaving.

"And I hope you enjoy your party!" he replies smiling at me.

There's a couple of people who are going to be at the party that I usually try to avoid, because for various reasons we just don't get on very well. But after a bit of early evening fun, if feel ready to talk to them if I have to. I bet I've had a better start to my evening than they've had!


close encounters said...

talking of rough - do you ever get any marks from your encounters that you have to explain to BF1? i had everybody asking about one reently !

btw, i think your preference for taxis over public transport warrants a post of its own - if you haven't already ...

Gay banker said...

Actually I don't think I've ever had any marks which were so obvious that they needed explanation close encounters. But judging from your comment, it sounds like it's time for you to start a blog , you've obviously got some stories to tell :-)

GB x

Will said...

Isn't it great how sex makes everything that happens around it better?

heathcliffed said...

how do you just leave the office for one or two hours at a time, especially at 5pm? especially in investment banking? especially in trading?!

Gay banker said...

You're right that I usually work later heathcliffed, but I'm not the junior guy any more so I can occasionally leave early, and take the occasional long lunches. And although it doesn't apply to me, some traders do have the mentality that if it's 5.01pm they should be in the pub!

GB xxx

Bob said...

When BF#1 finds out, let's hope he will see this blog as the tribute to your love and commitment for him it is really! It took me some time to realize he doesn't even know that you play on Gaydar -- I thought he just didn't want to know all about it, which is fair enough (that's how we deal with it in my couple: being both on Gaydar, but only separately and not bragging about it).

Gay banker said...

I haven't explicitly told boyfriend number 1 that I use gaydar bob but expect he's guessed because we've agreed the rules of our open relationship now.

GB x