Sunday, October 29, 2006

Feeling happy

Three weeks ago, I narrowly missed my target time for running 10k in the Nike runlondon event in Hyde Park :-(. But thanks to some help from the guys I run with, I've just improved on my Nike 10k time by around 3 minutes in the Run for the Rainforest in Regent's park today :-)). So I'm off to the pub now with my running buddies, plus boyfriend number 1, for a well deserved lunch!

Update 29-Oct-2006 23:19:

Why can’t I keep my big mouth shut?

“I wish I’d been a rent boy”, I say towards the end of the pub lunch, after far too many beers. Everyone listening laughs.

“Well then”, asks one of the gorgeous, hunky straight guys that’s part of my running group, “have you ever been paid for sex?”

Oh dear! I’m not sure this conversation is wise. Luckily though, boyfriend number 1 is at the other end of the table.

“And have you ever paid for sex”, he continues. “I’ve done both!”

“Well”, speaks the beer, “so have I mate!” I say. And if fact, both incidents that I was thinking of have been reported in this blog. I was paid £30 to wank off for a guy last year, and more recently I paid a guy £10 in a role-play session.

“But in fact”, the beer continues proudly, “overall I’m in profit on my transactions!” For some reason, I thought that having been paid more for sex than I’d paid out would earn me some respect. But I’m now in very dangerous territory, and I really don’t want to go into details!

Luckily the hunky straight guy doesn’t answer that. But he does tell us the story of when he paid for sex, which apparently involved a friend of his who hadn’t had sex for a very long time. So he claimed that he only went along because his friend wanted it badly, and wouldn’t have gone along without him!

“And when were you paid for sex”, another guy asks him.

“Have you ever worked in a bar?” he replies.

I’m quite interested to ask whether the person who paid him for sex was a man or a woman, but this conversation is already far too dangerous. None of the other guys admit to anything interesting, and soon the conversation has moved on to whether we’re going to enter the tough guy event next year.

Looking back it was a lucky escape. I’m terrified that one day, after too many beers, I’ll end up saying “Oh just read all about it on my blog if you’re interested!!” It’s all very well writing a blog like this, but disclosing my identity as the author has to be a very carefully considered decision, and definitely not something that comes out in a bar when I’m drunk!


Bob said...

Congratulations for this all-round stamina! :-)

GBD said...

Well done! I told you you could do it! ;-)

GBD xxx

muse-ic said...

Nice one!

cuteCTguy said...

Hmm GB... close. I stupidly told a few friends that I write a blog and now they are all hunting for it..

Future I-Banker said...

OMGosh, I haven't had time to read your posts, but I saw somewhere that you now have 2 boyfriends! I just wanted drop by to say hi, and that I'm happy for you! Seems like you are loving it :)

And yes, cuddling is THE best thing.