Friday, October 20, 2006

A repeat performance with the cute Chinese guy

All of a sudden, I seem to meeting up with guys that I've already met once before. Last month started with a guy I first met in January. Then followed a session with the tall Scottish guy who enjoys watersports a few days later.

Beyond that, I'd been in txt msg communication with the cute Chinese guy ever since our first meeting in late July. For example, one Friday in August I get the following txt msg

Hi GB, how r u? Hope u r well n had a great holiday. When r u free to meet again? Can accom in my flat or my cousin's house, or perhaps meet for a drink this eve. Hope to c u again. x

What a nice, sweet little txt msg :-). But unfortunately I can't meet him

Hi m8, am in Edinburgh at the moment, are you around the following weekend? GB x

But it turns out that he's busy with friends visiting that weekend so that doesn't work either :-(. So what with me having been away a lot in August, together with the fact that he'd been busy too, somehow we'd never managed to get back together. Until the second weekend in September that is.

Just before that weekend, I send him a txt msg to see if he might be around

Hi m8, it would be good to see you this weekend, please let me know whether it might be possible. GB x

Within an hour I get a promising reply

Hi GB, thanx 4 text. Hope u r well! Not sure which day is good, guess depends on yr convenience. Let me know. Hv a nice evening. x

Great :-). I decide to try and pin him down to a time that suits me

Hi m8, thx for reply. I'm having a haircut Sat morning, I could visit you after that if convenient? I'd probably arrive between 12 noon and 1pm. Will you be at your flat or your cousin's house? GB x

We end up figuring that his own flat is slightly easier than his cousin's house, so everything is agreed in principle. Early on Saturday morning, I send him another txt msg to confirm.

Good morning m8 :-) So if ur still up for a meet, can you let me know the address & full postcode of your flat before 10am so I can look it up on before I leave for my haircut? Hope to see you soon, GB xxx

He sends me the details as requested so everything looks good.

HaircutMy haircut ends up taking less time than I expect, so as I'm walking to the tube station I phone him up to tell him that I'm going to be a bit early.

"Hi this is GB", I say, "I'm on my way to visit you already, is it OK if I arrive a bit earlier than we agreed?"

"No problem", he replies, "I'm waiting here, all ready for you."

That sounds perfect, a cute guy just waiting for me to visit him and plunder his gorgeous body :-)!

Everything goes according to plan, and within 40 minutes or so I'm knocking on the front door of his flat.

"Come in", he says quietly, "I don't think my neighbours are around but let's not make too much noise just in case!"

"No problem", I reply smiling at him. Once he's closed the door, I bend forward and kiss him gently on the lips. He blushes slightly.

"Can you put your shoes in the hall there?" he says pointing to a small rack by the door.

Of course. I've had many trips to East and South-East Asia, and with Boyfriend number 2 being from Singapore as well, I'm very used to the Asian practice of keeping shoes out of the home. I decide to take my socks off at the same time, and leaving both by the door, I wander into the flat.

"Do you want a drink or something?" he says smiling at me.

"Just a glass of water please".

"Actually, you look quite sweaty, you can take a shower if you like", he offers.

He's quite right. It's another warm and humid day, and walking from the tube station I'd become a bit moist. Given that we're planning intimate activities together, it would be rather rude to refuse!

"OK thanks, that would be great".

He shows me into the bathroom and having rinsed myself thoroughly under the shower, I wrap a white towel round my waist and join him in his sitting room where I find him in front of the television.

"So what are you watching?" I ask, sitting down right next to him.

"Oh nothing really", he says.

"Is this my water?"

"Yes, is it OK? I've got some bottled sparkling if you prefer?"

"No that's fine", I say gulping down a few mouthfuls.

Leaving the glass half full on the table, I put my hand on his knee and smile at him. He looks round and smiles back.

"So do you often have guys wearing nothing more than a towel watching TV with you on Saturday lunchtimes?" I joke with him.

"Actually", he says quietly, "I haven't had sex with anyone since I was with you last."

I'm genuinely shocked. That must have been six weeks ago!

"Well we'll just have to make up for it now!" I reply warmly, and putting my arm round behind him to hold his shoulder, I lean forward and kiss him again. He reciprocates eagerly, and soon I find his hand wandering up underneath my towel.

"Hmmmm, you're lovely", I murmur, "shall we stay here?"

"Follow me!"

We head into the bedroom. Dropping my towel on the floor so that I'm completley naked and ready for action, I join him on his bed and we have a lovely time together.

Afterwards, I move to cuddle him from behind, wrapping my arms tightly round him as we both lie down on the bed exhausted.

"So why doesn't a nice guy like you get to have more sex?" I ask quietly, "I think you're absolutely lovely!"

"Oh I don't know", he says, almost apologising. "I guess I'm just too busy".

We relax together for around 20 minutes, cuddling each other on his bed, but eventually it seems like time to go.

"I'll walk you to the tube station", he says, "I need to go and buy a few things at the shops".

On the way back to the tube he shows me a short cut in case I visit him there again. The more I talk to him though, the more I become convinced that for some reason this poor guy's got an inferiority complex. There's something about the way he describes himself, and the way he acts. There's no justification for it though, and I certainly think he's a lovely guy. But if I have enough sessions with him, hopefully making him feel good about himself, maybe that'll help cure him!


Anonymous said...

Or you could let him know about this blog, so he can see that you think he's a good guy. ;-)

Anonymous said...

How about giving us a clue on how to contact him, so we can also help cure his inferiority complex? ;-)


Will said...

Ah, the kind-hearted Doctor GB going about selflessly, giving men in need nice little injections of self confidence! :-)

I SO love this blog!