Sunday, September 24, 2006


I always enjoy August. It's the height of summer after all. Who doesn't enjoy watching guys wandering around the streets of London without their shirts on? I also had a week in Europe with boyfriend number 1, which was wonderfully relaxing even though I didn't make much progress with my intended holiday reading. That, plus a trip to the Edinburgh festival, and there wasn't much time for activities.

Actually, the low level of activity probably had more to do with the fact that I started worrying about sexual addiction. So I had a genuine break from gaydar and the other online cruising web sites.

But right at the start of August there was one thing that I did which I hadn't done for perhaps five years or more. I had provisionally agreed to visit the Greek guy again, before work. Getting up early, I send him a txt msg to confirm, but a response doesn't arrive so I end up going to the gym instead.

Having been ready for an early morning session, I find myself feeling frustrated all day. Just like an occasion at the start of the previous month, I consider spanking the monkey in a cubicle in the men's toilets, but suddenly I have a better idea. I decide to visit Chariots, which is probably the biggest and best known gay sauna in London.

I've never been a regular visitor on the sauna scene, but for variety's sake I should probably visit more regularly than once every 5 years. Leaving the bank at the usual time, I grab a cab and soon I'm paying my £14 entry fee. Last time I was here I think it was only £12. It was interesting to see how the place had changed. Not much in fact, but I did spot one or two things.

Chariots ShoreditchOriginally, perhaps in an attempt to give itself a less cruisey image, there was a pleasant lounge area on the top floor. It was quite a light area, and the big TV screen at one end of the room just showed ordinary television channels, i.e. not pornography. It's not there any more. Instead, it's become one of the darkest areas in the whole complex, with various rooms partitioned off. All the windows have been blacked out, and all the partitions are painted black too. There's still a TV screen in the main room in this new area, but it's permanently showing hard core porn. And on both sides of this TV screen there are raised, comfy, padded areas to lie down, so that all the guys can lie next to each other and wank each other off while watching the porn. Nice one!

The poolside bar has gone too. Actually that doesn't surprise me because there never seemed to be many people buying anything there. It wasn't really needed ever since the ground floor cafe area was incorporated into the main cruising complex. And it's much more practical to have the cafe, where one has to spend money, right next to the lockers where one has left one's wallet.

The gym is still there on the ground floor, even though it doesn't seem to get much use. And there are more lockers too. I've never visited at a peak time (e.g. Sunday afternoon), but if even half the number of lockers they have are in use at the same time it would be a very very busy place indeed.

Anyway, I enjoyed my visit. In fact it was an exceptionally satisfying visit. As I was leaving I felt really good, and wandering through the locker room my satisfaction must have been evident somehow because a guy who was just arriving turned and looked at me in amazement.

After that, on the second Sunday in August I did end up hooking up with the Greek guy again. But apart from that, there were no other activities in August. Will my chastity last? I already know the answer to that of course!


Anonymous said...

Care to elaborate your "satisfying visit"?
Good thing you are putting some effort to overcome the sexual addiction thing, but somehow as a loyal reader of your blog i doubt that would last...:P

Tales of the City said...

Effort = Saunas? Not sure that is progress. GB you need a sex detox.

muse-ic said...

oh dear - your dip in sex levels means a quiet blog?

GB said...

Well Josh, all I mean is that I felt really good afterwards :-). Anyway, you know I don't go into too many explicit details!

Don't forget cutectguy that my Chariots health club visit was right at the start of August!

I might not post as often as you do muse-ic, but I'm still posting approximately twice a week!

GB xxx

Kaylee said...


I stumbled across your blog by chance, as occasionally I like to search for new and interesting things to read. As yet, I hadn't found a single one that was in any way new interesting until I found yours.

After reading back several entries, I want to congratulate you on your refreshing style and cutting honesty. It makes such a difference from all those self-important blogs that whine on and on and can't spell a single word correctly.

I am a female English student from the Newcastle-upon-Tyne area but I moved to Edinburgh for the purposes of my studies. As an English student, I find your blog a brilliant break from the norm.

I have a blog, as you can probably see; it isn't my main blog. Feel free to explore it, or I have another that I update almost daily and use primarily as a journal. You can access it on It's only fair that I give you the address of my blog in exchange for reading yours.


MadeInScotland said...

so GB, you enjoy August. But here we are at the autumn end of September. Do you mourne the passing of the season? Do you notice it-does it affect your activities.

It changes my mood I feel. And you? Email me if so. I'd like to compile experoences.


czechOUT: Sadly, Turns The Season

Dexter said...

GB, next August you come to Fire Island for a few days.

CIA said...

Hello GB, I also stumbled across your blog, but I was hoping for something more on IB, very interesting and fascinating stories nonetheless. During my summer vac work at the end of yr, I will certainly know what my managers will be up to if they say that they are going out to meet a ‘client’, lol

Ohhh man, speaking of multi-tasking skills: IB, bf’s, fb’s and blogging! WOW, I am in awe... hehehe! This is the skill I will definitely need to master lol, :D