Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Fun with a fit Greek adonis

Back in June, I'm chatting to a young guy on gaydar who lives about a fifteen minute cab ride away. But soon into the conversation, I’m not so sure about him

GB: so what you looking for today m8
guy: attention from an older, generous guy :-)
guy: it could be you lol

Hmmm, generous sounds ominous, I guess my athletic gym-toned body isn’t enough for him! He looks quite cute in his photos but if he’s looking for a sugar-daddy, or at least someone to pay him for fun, then I’m definitely not interested. I paid the kinky English guy a tenner of course, but I have no intention of making a habit of paying for it.

A month or so later, it’s mid-afternoon on the last Sunday in July and I’m on gaydar again. I advertise my presence on the open channel, saying something bland like ‘horny guy looking for fun in central London’ and within a minute someone contacts me.

guy: how about me?

Hmmm interesting, it’s the same young guy that I’d been chatting to back in June. But does he remember talking to me the previous month? And if so, is he still after a generous guy?

GB: nice pics m8, what kinda fun u after today?

We chat about the potential activities, and he also confirms the information he told me last time, about where he lives. The generous word doesn’t crop up. So I decide to risk hooking up with him. After all, he still looks cute in his photos!

Within half an hour or so, I’m outside his flat, phoning him up to find out how to get inside.

“Hi this is GB”, I say, “I’m outside. How do I get in?”

There’s a keypad which looks like it can be used for entering a pass code to open the door, but it’s not obvious how to use it to call up to any of the flats.

“OK great, I’ll come down and let you in.”

He takes his time coming down but soon the door opens and there’s a lovely looking guy smiling at me.

“Come in then :-)”

Face to face he’s got gorgeous dark eyes, lovely thick long black hair, and a beautiful olive complexion.

“Where are you from?” I ask as we’re climbing the stairs.

“I was born in Greece actually”, he says, “but my mother was east European”.

Presumably his father was Greek then, but whatever the nationality of the father, the combination seems to work just fine!

His flat turns out to be a single room, quite small but comfortable enough. As soon as I enter I take my top off. He looks me up and down, still smiling, so I walk over to him and lift his t-shirt off over his head.

“You don’t waste any time do you mate?”, he says grinning mischievously at me with wide piercing eyes. I give him a peck on the lips.

“I love undressing other guys”, I say grinning back, “hope you don’t mind?”

He doesn’t put up any resistance as I cup my hand over his bulge, before loosening the belt on his trousers. It feels like there’s something inside that needs to be released! But before going any further, I sit on the side of the bed to take my shoes and socks off. Instinctively, he does the same.

Soon we've shed our trousers too and I'm rubbing my hand over his naked upper torso, before moving downstairs to feel under the waistband of his undershorts.

“Mmmmmm, you’ve done this before haven’t you!” he jokes. Yes mate, just once or twice!

Groping about inside his undershorts I can’t feel any pubic hair, so I pull down his undershorts to get a better look.

“You’re all shaved!” I say surprised.

“Uh-huh”, he says lazily, “I just prefer it that way”.

None the less, in the middle of his pubic desert there’s a very impressive edifice that clearly needs some attention! We have a lovely time together.

“That was just what I needed before my run”, he says afterwards.

“You go running?” I ask him. “So do I! Actually I went for a 10k along the river this morning with some guys from the gym I go to. How far do you go?”

“I like to go further than that. I’ll sometimes go for three hours, stopping for a couple of five minute breaks. I also try and get down the gym a few times a week too!”

I can certainly believe it, he does look very fit.

“So do you meet many guys from gaydar”, I ask.

"Not many actually”, he says, looking serious now. “There are a lot of wankers on gaydar. I don't waste peoples time, so I don’t like it when people they waste my time."

While we’re chatting I drink my customary glass of water, but soon it’s time to head home. Although he’s got very friendly eyes which hold your gaze for ages, in some ways he seems a bit cold. Even so, he’s a lovely fit guy so I’ll probably try and see him again :-)!


Tales of the City said...

Ahem.. whats your pref? Shaved or unshaved?... I actually find it a turn off when shaved..

GB said...

Well cutectguy, I guess I prefer "au natural" too, somehow just letting nature take it's course down there seems more masculine LOL. But I'm not that bothered either way. Generally though, I have noticed that south-east Asian guys are more likely to be trimmed and neat downstairs, although this Greek guy was completely shaved which I reckon is unusual.

GB xxx

Anonymous said...

What's this thing with the italics, then? Clearly, you know what you want to convey - why this curious reticence in your writing? It seems, er, slightly affected - what effect are you aiming for?

And while I like the idea of a pubic dessert, that could be messy... perhaps you mean desert? ;-)

(From gay_consultant, but I can't be bothered to log in...)

GB said...

Thanks vm for pointing out my dessert/desert typo gay_consultant, which I've now corrected :-)

Anyway, some readers enjoy my italics! See e.g. Moncrief Speaks comment here. I think S also enjoys them, given her positive comment about euphemisms here :-).

GB xxx

MadeInScotland said...

my preference is just as nature deigned. I find shaving terribly...feminine.

So GB, how is it going? I've been away here and there. But re your post and *generous* reference. In my past experience it's not paying for pleasure, rather the suggestion of an ideal, one that will happily bestow the pleasures of lunch, dinner, mini breaks etc.

Which if there's nothing better to do, is perfectly acceptable, I think!