Wednesday, August 16, 2006

An evening session with an American Chinese guy

It’s the first Friday in July and when I get home from the bank, boyfriend number 1 has already left for a party with some of the people he works with. So I’m home alone for the evening. With the kinky English guy the previous Saturday, the lovely Asian guy from Fridae on the Monday, and the stocky American guy before work yesterday, it’s been quite a busy week. But there are always more great guys to meet, so after changing out of my suit I log on to gaydar and to see who’s around.

Things seem a bit slow to start with but after a while a guy contacts me on

guy: Hi
GB: hi
guy: I am in a hotel in Central London.
GB: :-)
guy: You look hot!
GB: thanks
GB: you look hot too :-)
guy: Thanks, how hung r u?

It always makes me laugh when a guy wants to know about the details down there before anything else! One could even argue that asking for a face pic is a bit shallow, but I’ve always thought asking for face pics is fair enough because it’s possible to tell a lot from a guy’s face. In my experience, there’s a definite correlation between personalities and faces.

Although I don’t have pics with my face in on my profiles, this guy isn’t as shy as me in that respect so I can see exactly what he looks like. He’s a nice looking Chinese guy who lives in the USA, and although he’s probably a bit older than he admits to on his profile, he looks like a decent guy. So in spite of my reservations about his shallow attitude, I answer his question, and also tell him where to find pics with my face in on the internet

guy: Nice pics
GB: thanks
guy: You want to come over?
GB: sure
guy: My last night here.

We chat a bit about who’s going to do what to whom, after which he tells me which hotel he’s staying in and his room number. And in case of problems we also exchange mobile phone numbers

GB: It'll take me about 30 mins to get to you
guy: OK sure, but call me if you get lost or running late.
guy: I wait for you here in the hotel.
GB: fine, see you soon
guy: I will hit the showers now
GB: x
guy: see you soon honey

Hmmm, he called me ‘honey’! Perhaps he’s slightly camp, but anyway I’ve agreed to visit him now so I guess I’ll find out when I meet him.

The cab driver goes a particularly awkward route, so it takes quite a while to reach the hotel. To keep the guy interested, when I’m about five minutes from the hotel I send him a txt msg telling him that I’ll probably be another ten minutes, because once I’ve reached the hotel it’ll probably take me five minutes to work out where the lifts are and to find his room.

Eventually though, I’m knocking on the door of his room. As usual, the door has a spy-hole to allow the occupant to view callers before opening the door, so I try to make myself look fabulous while waiting for him to answer the door.

“Hi”, he says opening the door, “come in :-)”.

As I’m walking into the room itself, I notice him put the ‘do not disturb’ sign on the outside door handle before closing the door. Probably a good idea, even if it spoils my little fantasy of being interrupted by a cheeky cockney lad looking to re-stock the mini-bar, but who ends up joining in our fun!

“Sorry it took so long to get over here”, I say looking him up and down while he does the same to me. He looks just like his photos, although perhaps slightly more cuddly!

“No problem”, he says smiling, “can I get you a drink from the mini-bar?”

“Actually I’m fine”.

It doesn’t take me long to strip down to my undershorts and soon we’re lying on the bed together, feeling each other’s (almost) naked bodies. Like me he likes cuddling and body contact, so we take it nice and slow.

About half-way through I get a shock, “Are your nipples sensitive”, he says as my right nipple suddenly feels intense cold. It turns out that there's an ice-bucket on the floor next to the bed, and having reached in for an ice cube, he's now rubbing it across my chest.

"Errr yes actually", I reply, and the experience makes me feel even hornier!

“Talk dirty to me”, he whispers, with a sense of urgency towards the end. I oblige and shortly afterwards we're cleaning up. I accept his offer to take a shower.

“So do you come over here very often”, I ask him as I’m drying myself down.

“I usually get a business trip over here every few months or so”, he says with a grin on his face. Before I leave, I give him my e-mail address so that he can contact me in advance of his next visit.

In the taxi on my way home I realise that I haven’t had any supper, so I get the taxi driver to drop me on the main road near our house where all the take-away shops are. But walking up and down I can’t decide what to choose. There’s Thai, Vietnamese, Mexican, Greek, and more besides. In the end I go for a bit more Chinese, after all, Chinese is one of my favourite flavours!


Anonymous said...

Great blog mate... just out of curiosity - what is your gaydar profile name?

Mybananalife said...

His gaydar profile is gaybanker.

By the way, honey, you naughty boy. How could you write about our session here. Let's meet up soon.

Will said...

One of the things I like best about your blog and adventures is that you're absolutely irrepressible. Great spirit, sense of humor (pardon, humour), verve and appetite for sex!

Tales of the City said...

GB.. clearly there are a few things I could teach you with regards to sensitive parts of the body...

Moncrief Speaks said...

I enjoy your italicisation of words. It always seems appropriate when you do so.

Anonymous said...

oh dear, no more staying anonymous gaybanker! someone just 'outed' you!!

Tales of the City said...

Banana.. I thought you were in a stable relationship.. or you making that up. Hung over today.. cant think bent.

Mybananalife said...


so is gay banker.

Tales of the City said...

Thought you were faithful Banana?

Mybananalife said...

let;s put it this way...i need inspiration for my blog to grow.

Anonymous said...

lol. i keep wondering whether ure top or btm ;-)
or perhaps, a fence sitter aka versatile.

GB said...

Interesting comment cuteCTguy, so what's YOUR favourite sensitive body area?

Closetalk, I guess that's just another little mystery about me that you'll have to live with LOL!

GB xxx

Tales of the City said...

GB.. thats a mystery. What I actually meant was that I know a trick or two to get your sensitive bits going! From you blog I am guessing its not been done to you.

Anonymous said...


we wish we can say the same about your blog.

Anonymous said...

good stuff! been reading for a while now and have learned to live vicariously through you. Keep it up xx

MadeInScotland said...

GB-I thought you'd be interested in this, on the subject of polyamory, and with a link to Polyday happening 14 October, London.

czechOUT: Polyday Promotes Polyamory