Friday, August 11, 2006

A brief meeting with an American guy before work

It’s the first Thursday in July and I’m logged into while eating my breakfast. Boyfriend number 1 has already gone to work early, and I’m about to get ready to go to work myself when a guy starts chatting to me:

guy: hey i think my hotel is close to you
GB: uh-huh, where r u?

The guy tells me where he is and indeed, he’s in a hotel which is about two minutes walk from our house

GB: yeah m8, I'm v near there!
guy: dang
GB: what is 'dang' ?
guy: sorry american here
guy: expression for wow
GB: so I guess I could visit you quickly, are you looking for any fun?
guy: yeah i just woke up and room is a disaster
guy: you on your way to work?
GB: I will be
GB: but prob I'd pop out to see you, then come back to put my suit on!
guy: aww, put your suit on then come and show off to me
guy: i love to watch a guy in a suit stroke

Cute, but I’d rather visit him before I get ready for work. In this hot weather, whatever fun we have, I’ll want to take my suit off anyway!

We exchange pics, and in fact he’s not really my type. He’s got a kind, friendly face, but he’s the type of American who eats too much food! Still I’m feeling horny now, and I’d always rather wank with another guy than on my own.

GB: shall I pop round then?
guy: well i just woke up
guy: so if you dont mind my bed head
GB: I haven't showered yet either!
guy: well come over we can just jerk em off together

Great, that suits me fine. And twenty minutes later I’m back home, drinking my customary glass of water. I always think Unloading before work is a good idea because with one less thing on my mind, I can concentrate properly on my job!


Anonymous said...

they don't call America the fattest nation for nothin'. I don't know why there's such a fascination with shoveling more and more food into your face here.

Anonymous said...

i'm curious as to why you drink water after having fun. any reason?

Anonymous said...

To replace the lost body fluids words for chocolate. He did deviate to fruit juice at my humble request but he thought it was not as sweet as him :-)

Anonymous said...

I always need to get some sort of drink--water and iced tea are my favorites--after sex. I like long, liesurely sessions that get faster and more athletic at the end. I'm usually very dry when it's all over.

Anonymous said...

"guy: aww, put your suit on then come and show off to me
guy: i love to watch a guy in a suit stroke"

I second that! I think the whole suit thing and work place fantasy is another incentive for me to work in the i-banking industry :)

Although I bet it's not as good as I imagine it to be... It's apparently very "white and straight" in the world of i-banking. Maybe I could help to change that image one day!

Anonymous said...

Reading your blog is always a big treat. From one gay banker to another, I just wanted to say Keep up the Good Work.


Anonymous said...

You may have covered it already, but I wonder whether you think you exhibit sexual compulsive behaviour? We all like a good shag, and frequently, but the time spent popping out of the office, on-line while the BF (BF1) is in the shower etc, all seem to be consistent with the acknowledged symptoms of sexual addiction.

Initially there was the risk taking-the risk of ruining the relationship, something which had to be negotiated to get round.

Then the time spent on-line. Secretly when BF1 is around (I'm not sure if it's still secret, but it seemed to be originally).

Then the time spent on-line...gaydar, and the fridae site...

OK, I'm not trying to draw you, and it's a very personal thing. But just in case it hasn't crossed your mind! Oh, and there's no shame. It's such a modern affliction.

GB said...

Generally I drink a lot of water anyway chocolate-words, and as other commenters have said, having fun is thirsty work.

You may be right czechOUT. But when I tried to do a short posting on this subject just now, I got a blogger 'database full' error message! I'll post as soon as blogger fixes the problem.

GB xxx

Anonymous said...

I've done a posting about it, with links to Times journalist Iris Scott's articles and reaction to finding out a week before her wedding that her fiance had regularly been going to gay saunas to have sex. Turned out (apparently) he was a sexual compulsive, and this was symptomatic behaviour!

Anonymous said...

...sorry, link here:

czechOUT: Straight, Gay, Bisexual..Or Plain Old Sex Addict

Anonymous said...