Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sexual addiction

So I got up this morning, worried about the way I'm living my life at the moment, only to find that czechOUT had left a comment last night which perfectly reflects my concerns. He suggests that I exhibit sexual compulsive behaviour, and he may well be right.

This blog isn't helping either, because it encourages me to find things to write about. I'm definitely seeing more guys since I started this blog! A very modern affliction indeed, sexual addition fuelled by blogging.

I'm sure I could be happy with just a small number of boyfriends, so I think I should make that my aim. The fatherhood idea would be excellent too, because it would give me something important to do.

Hopefully, if I can change my behaviour, my blog can evolve with me. Blogging is probably an addiction too, but a relatively benign one I think!


czechOUT said...

I suspect it's far more common behaviour. I'm sure the ease with which there is access to no strings sex meetings fuels the condition.

My post czechOUT: Straight, Gay, Bisexual..Or Plain Old Sex Addict has links to
Times journalist Iris Scott's articles and reaction to finding out a week before her wedding that her fiance had regularly been going to gay saunas to have sex. Turned out (apparently) he was a sexual compulsive, and this was symptomatic behaviour!

Dodgy Blogger said...

perhaps you need a hobby, instead of living that same ol' gay life thing of sex-gym-work. however, only realising it because of this suggestion does indicate that you didn't link it all together before and i'd be concerned about that. i don't think fatherhood's a good hobby (ok, yes i know that's my extrapolation) but i agree that it could be interesting to read of any evolution on the blog. perhaps a hobby with BF#[1|2|3|4]/FB#x/FM so you don't concentrate solely on the sex-part of the relationship, at least in terms of writing about it.

Gay banker said...

Actually dodgy blogger I do have other hobbies! The more astute reader may have noticed that for quite a while, my blog has had a couple of links to fine wine web sites, and one to a gambling web site too. OK, I know alchohol and gambling are also vices, but at least they provide some variety LOL.

Anyway, this post does say "I ... [am] worried about the way I'm living my life at the moment", so czechOUT's comment wasn't news to me, it just prompted me to post my thoughts!

GB xxx

Nude Cleaner said...

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Dodgy Blogger said...

drinking and gambling ROFL. i like that and yes, you're quite right i had forgotten and they are true hobbies x

Life of a Banana said...


I fantasise about you.

Jay said...

Slut: (n) Anyone who has more sex than you.

As long as you're safe and nobody's getting hurt, I don't think any behavioural changes are necessary.

Chelle said...

Well why does your behaviour bother you? Because it's different than what "social norms" seem to dictate? Or do you truly feel that you're having too much sex with randoms? (Which honestly... can that ACTUALLY happen!? ;) )

Isabella Snow said...

Jay's definition of slut is classic.

But.. um... I'm curious to know what boyfriend #1 gets up to when you're off with randoms..

Gay banker said...

I’d love to hear some of your fantasies about me Banana-Life :-)

LOL Jay, but I can’t help thinking that I’m living a bit like an irresponsible 20 year old, whereas in fact I’m over thirty! I’m certainly not bothered by "social norms" Chelle. But sometimes I find myself going to meet a guy, when I know I really should be doing something else, and I think “Why am I doing this?”

I always meet other guys when Boyfriend number 1 is busy doing something else Isaballa. He doesn’t want to know the details, so I do things like meeting guys after work, or when I’m meant to be at the gym, and so on.

GB xxx

Life of a Banana said...

I'll tell you my fantasies when we have a moment alone together.

Amopodex said...

Perhaps you're in a bit of a rut GB. Try something different like Hempstead Heath or the Colherne instead of gaydar!

Anonymous said...

As a gay man in a long term relationship myself, I applaud you on you living the "a-typical" gay lifestyle that the religious right (Americans) think all gay men live. However, I know (at least for myself) that it is not true.

I compliment your partner for staying with you while you continually sew your oats. My question to you is why do you fuck around so much? Is it really because it feels good or something more.

My personal opinion is, grow up! Realize you are going to die and your partner may one day dump you on your flabby, old and wrinkly ass!

Cheers mate!

Pablo said...

The urge and temptation is so hard to resist that you'll have to find something else to do, like go and drink the coldest, tallest glass of water you can find to help you through that phase...