Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Another gorgeous guy from Fridae.com

My romance with the first guy I met from Fridae.com was a lovely experience, so after that I was keen to meet as many other guys from Fridae.com as possible. As luck would have it, an opportunity arose in early July.

Around the second week in June I get a Fridae heart from a guy who lives in London. Just like the first guy, he’s guy a gorgeous looking Asian guy, so I send him a Fridae mail message telling him that I'm looking for fun rather than a relationship. Within a couple of days I get a nice reply:

Hi GB, actually I kind of guessed from your profile that you weren't looking for a LTR!!! I live in central London, but not easy to accom all the time... maybe able to at the end of the month tho... Do you have a face pic, would be nice to put a face to a name...Look forward to hearing from you.

So I reply, telling him where to find my pics on the internet. A few days go by and I don't get a reply. Then after more than a week he sends me another heart, sweet of him I guess, but why didn't he simply reply to the mail message I sent him? I decide to send him another mail message:

Thx for the second heart yesterday m8 :-), did you get the e-mail I sent a few days ago? Were you able to see my pics? Would be great to visit you at your place sometime? GB x

This time it only takes about a day to get his reply:

Yes - cheers for the photos... I got them!! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you too. Sure thing, we should set up a meet, but to be honest, it's not normally convenient at my place tho...

So I guess he's got a boyfriend too! No surprise really because he looks like a lovely guy, and the style of his e-mails suggests that he's sincere and friendly too :-). But he doesn’t say he can never accom, so it’s an easy reply to write

Hi again :-), would love to meet you, but unfortunately I can never accom. I can be flexible though, is there any time when it might be convenient at your place? If so, we'll never arrange this by fridae because it'll take too long(!) so can we use txt msg? My number is xxxxx-xxxxxx, it would be good to get a txt msg from you to establish communication! GB x

I hope that he’ll send me a txt msg because it would make me feel that things are progressing, but in fact after a couple of days I just get a short Fridae mail message

Sure thing GB... you might be able to pop round sometime next week... I'll let you know...

Ahhh well, I’ll just have to hope for the best.

The following Monday, it’s early evening and I’m still in the office, and for some reason I’m feeling exceptionally horny. So horny in fact that I’m wondering whether to slip into one of the cubicles in the gents for a quick hand shandy, which is something I’ve never ever done in the office before! But suddenly salvation arrives in the form of a txt msg

guy: hi are you around this afternoon?

It’s from the Fridae guy of course and it couldn’t have been better timed! The msg is signed with his real name with his Fridae profile name in brackets. And after a couple more txt msgs I’ve got his address and I’m on my way to visit him.

It’s only a short taxi ride away so within twenty minutes I’m knocking on his door.

“Come in” he says smiling, and looking me up and down.

Face to face he looks more Asian that his profile photo somehow, and even more gorgeous too! Given what I’d been contemplating doing in the gents less than half an hour ago, I can’t believe my luck.

“Thanks”, I say smiling back, “hot today isn’t it!”

In fact it must be the hottest day of the year so far. We head into his main reception room. At the other end of the room, the doors onto the west facing balcony have been opened wide, with the result that the entire room is full of bright golden evening sunlight. The air is hot and still, with the noise of the city in the far distance.

“Can I get you a drink?” he asks, heading in to the adjoining kitchen.

I decide to take it slow and relaxed, after all this is a guy from Fridae and not your run-of-the-mill gaydar shag! "Thanks", I say, "what have you got?"

"Well I'm just fixing myself a gin and tonic, would you like one too?"

I spot a bottle of Bombay Sapphire on the worktop and it seems like a good idea, "Thanks, that'd be great :-)"

We chat for a short while as we drink our G+T's.

"Do you live here alone?" I ask after a couple of minutes.

"Well", he says with a guilty look, "actually I live here with my boyfriend. But he's away on holiday this week, which is why this visit is possible."

"I've got a boyfriend too", I say smiling back at him. As usual, going into the details of exactly how many boyfriends I’ve got seems inappropriate!

"I get so sweaty in this weather though", he says changing the subject, smiling at me.

"Yes me too".

"Well if you want, you can take a shower?" he offers.

What a good idea. I've not done that when visiting a guy for fun since last summer. My host looks very fresh, no doubt having had a shower when he got home, so it seems only polite.

After I’ve finished my drink he shows me into the bathroom. "Use any towel", he says. Great, I always think that guys who worry too much about which towel to use are a bit precious.

It only takes me about five minutes to strip and shower for him, and afterwards I wrap the towel round my waist and head out to see where he is. I find him in his bedroom sitting up on his bed wearing only his undershorts, and he looks magnificent. He's got a well defined chest, slightly pert nipples, six-pack, and hardly any fat on him. How does he manage to keep himself in such good shape I wonder? But in fact, it's him that pays me a compliment:

"Wow", he says. "Actually I think you look better in real life than in your pictures!"

"You're the second guy who's told me that recently", I say, thinking back to the cute Chinese guy I met a few months ago. But then I worry that talking about other guys like that makes me sound a bit slutty! "I guess I should get some new photos done".

Joining him on his bed, I kneel facing him and reach out to put my hand on his shoulder. He doesn't resist, and smiling at me, he moves forward to kiss me. Slowly we start to explore each other's bodies. But it's such a hot day! Whenever we cuddle up, we both start sweating and it's uncomfortable. We have a nice enough time with each other, but had it been a bit cooler we'd both probably have enjoyed ourselves much more.

"Any chance of a glass of water", I ask afterwards, once we're back in the main reception area.

"Yes of course."

We chat a bit more. He's a really, really nice guy. He's been with his boyfriend for almost eight years now, and each year they'll both take one holiday without the other one. But suddenly we can hear my mobile phone ringing.

"Ahhhh, that's probably my boyfriend calling to see when I'm going to be home", I say. Now it's my turn for the guilty look.

"I'll answer it, but do you mind keeping quiet? I'll pretend I'm still in the office".

I promise boyfriend number 1 that I'm almost finished at work, so that I'll be back within half an hour.

"Well, it's been great meeting you", I say once I've hung up, "but I need to be going".

"Sure. And don't forget - get some new photos done! :-)"

I don't often get to have fun with guys who've also got boyfriends, but when I do, somehow it's more relaxed and consequently more enjoyable. Perhaps guys with boyfriends are naturally good at making sure the other guy gets a lot out of it, whereas guys without boyfriends are slightly more clumsy in that respect, or out of practice? Whatever it is, he was a lovely guy and I certainly enjoyed meeting him!


Life of a Banana said...

Very inspiring, but it must have been perspiring for you, being the hottest day in June.

Life of a Banana said...

Out of curiosity, does Boyfriend 1 sleep around?

Gay banker said...

It's bad enough me writing about other guys without their knowledge without me answering questions about them too Banana-life!

GB xxx

Dodgy Blogger said...

coming back to terminology i shall now refer to BF#1 as FM (flat mate) and FBs as REs (romantic encounters) or QFs (quick fucks). was it really a romance you had with man#1 from fridae? and was it reciprocated? you made the (somewhat) comparison about the shag being a better option to the gents half hour earlier, and i think that's a particularly suitable one because on one level they satisfy yet you appear to want attachment too?

savante said...

Real cool, man :) Fridae is a great opportunity to meet guys, and I met a few there too!


Jay said...

I always found Fridae to be a little boring. You send me hearts, I send you hearts, you send me hearts back.

It got to the point where I wasn't even looking at the profiles - I returned hearts to EVERYBODY!

A bit shameless I know, but man it made me popular.

Then I closed the account.

Josh said...

hehe GB this Asian guy sure sounds HOT!!

assuming you are not faking their identities, when you mentioned Asian guys, could you be more specific as in whether he's a Chinese, Indian, Malay, Thai, Filipino....? Just a bit curious that's all :P (and the race helps with the wild imagination of us readers haha)

dr. Paul, suprise to see you here. Now i suppose those fridae encounters were before charm.calvin? ^^

Amopodex said...

I've got a spooky feeling we are doppelgangers GB!

Gay banker said...

I find your scheme quite upsetting dodgy blogger, according to you I don’t have any boyfriends at all *sob*. Anyway your “quick fuck” wikipedia link doesn’t exist (or has now been deleted) so I’m not going to pay attention to a nasty man like you!

Why don’t you adopt my scheme for Fridae jay? I never send hearts in reply to hearts I receive. Instead I send mail messages if I’m interested. Your usage sounds too cautious to me!

I should draw your attention to last year’s statement on the accuracy of the postings in this blog josh. I have specified more precise ethnic origins in the past, but then it’s usually been one of the details that I’ve altered to try and protect the privacy of the innocent! So for example, Chinese might mean Vietnamese, Indonesian might mean Malaysian and so on. But Chinese might also mean Chinese just to keep everyone guessing LOL! In any case, I do enjoy all flavours, Asian or otherwise :-)

GB xxx

SG in JP said...

a very interesting encounter. thanks for sharing this.

fello fridae user