Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A licky session early Monday morning

Although I’m in turmoil regarding boyfriends number 1 and number 2 (Boyfriend Number 2 - Past the point of no return?), I’m still in the mood for fun with other guys.

Last Monday I’m logged in to gaydar while I’m eating my breakfast. A guy contacts me through the gaydar chat system who I’ve spoken to before.

“Hi, are you free to come round now?”

There were two previous occasions when I was going to visit this guy and it never happened, once last year and once about six weeks ago. But those occasions involved a bit of forward planning – there’s less that can go wrong with an immediate liaison which is why I prefer them. So I decide to go for it, even though I’ll miss one of my favourite morning gym classes:

“I think we’ve spoken b4. You’ll have 2 remind me of ur address – I cud cum round if u r close?”

He seems quite keen and he doesn’t live too far away so the arrangements are sorted quite quickly.

“Oh, and can you wear white undershorts and white socks, just for me?”.

I’m not sure why he wants that but it’s a harmless enough request, “Sure no problem”.

I log off gaydar and head for the bathroom. Within 20 minutes I’m leaving the house, kissing boyfriend number 1 (who’s still in bed) on my way out to wish him a pleasant day.

As I’m getting closer to the guy’s house I realise I need the toilet for a leak. The problem with asking to use the toilet when I get there is that with some guys, knowing that I’ve just urinated puts them off oral sex. But there’s nothing else for it.

The guy is pleased to see me, “you got here quickly”, he says. Face to face he looks a bit skinnier than in his photos which is a nice change – if gaydar photos are misleading one usually finds that guys are fatter than their photos. I take my shirt and shoes off, and decide to use the American wording (bathroom) rather than English (toilet):

“Err, can I use the bathroom please”, I say smiling.

“OK no problem, you mean you’d like a shower”, he says in an accommodating sort of way.

“Hmmmm, OK, yes, why don’t I take a shower. I’m a bit sweaty after the journey”.

On my way to his bathroom he rubs the nipples on my chest. Nice.

He must have realised that I wasn’t really after a shower, both from what I said, and from the slightly confused look on my face. But I’m happy enough to take a shower and then I can make sure I’m clean for him ‘downstairs’. I’ve always thought the American way of asking for a toilet is ambiguous, but this is the first time I’ve been caught out. So I take a shower, having a pee down the plughole in the process! When I emerge into his bedroom I’m just wearing my white undershorts and my white socks.

“Great, why don’t you lie down on the bed”, he says to me with an approving look on his face.

To start with, he keeps his clothes on. He comes and lies next to me while we kiss and he rubs his hands up and down me. Gradually I manage to get him to take his kit off too, although I end up naked long before him. Finally when he takes off his undershorts I can see that he really is quite a big lad.

“Can you turn over and lie face down?”

I oblige. Soon I realise that he’s licking me, up and down my back. I find it extremely erotic, especially when his tongue runs up and down my spine.

“Can you turn back over?”

I oblige happily. Now he licks my stomach, my chest, my armpits and my scrotum. I find it all very enjoyable. I can't help wondering whether he'd be licking me all over like this if I hadn't taken a shower when I arrived. Eventually I ask “Are we going to make each cum then mate?”

“I’m not sure that I’m going to cum, but you are!” he says slightly forcefully and with a glint of mischief in his eye. Fine my me – and it doesn’t take him very long to see to it that I do.

We chat a bit afterwards. I tell him a bit about boyfriend number 1 and number 2 but he's not really listening. It turns out that he had a boyfriend for about ten years, but they split up about five years ago.

“I don't want a boyfriend at the moment”, he says, “I prefer to find guys online for casual sex when I feel like it.”

I find out that he’s a project manager for a charity, with a contract that expires next spring.

“They hired me on a three year contract, but I’d done pretty much what they wanted me to do in the first nine months, so they’ve been trying to find other things for me to do since then.”

Before too long I reckon I need to get to work. “See you again maybe”, he says as I’m leaving. I always like it when guys say that to me – for me it’s the best way for someone to say they enjoyed the session, because they’re happy enough to do it again.

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