Friday, June 17, 2005

A morning visit to a cute Asian guy in Fulham

Since I had “my chance to be a rent boy”, I’d been keeping the actual £30 notes that I had received as a souvenir, but last Tuesday I spent them. Now that it seems certain that the holiday with boyfriend number 2 is going to happen (Boyfriend Number 2 - Past the point of no return?) I took Tuesday morning off work to get a visa for Vietnam. Somehow it seemed appropriate to put the rent boy money towards this visa, given that the holiday will be spent with boyfriend number 2 rather than boyfriend number 1.

After I drop off my passport at the Vietnamese embassy there’s one other thing to do before heading back to the office – visit a guy in Fulham for a bit of fun. When I was logged in to gaydar the day before (A licky session early Monday morning), I got chatting to an Asian guy who I almost visited last month. The only reason I didn’t meet the guy was that he lives the wrong side of town for me. But yesterday I said that I’d try and visit him after the Vietnamese embassy because the Vietnamese embassy puts me much closer to him that I would normally be.

As I’m leaving the embassy I send him a txt mxg to say I’m on my way. I get a reply quite quickly:

OK see you soon. I’m in the shower now. Call me if you can’t find my flat. x

Within half an hour I arrive and I give him a phone call because he hasn’t told me the exact address. But his directions had been good, I’m almost next to his door onto the street when he comes down to let me in.

Face to face he looks as good as he did in his photos. He’s quite a small guy, with lovely smooth skin and a friendly face. I follow him upstairs.

“Do you live here alone?” I ask.

“I share the flat with another gay guy, but he’s just gone out”, he replies mischievously.

He shows me into his sitting room. Without realising, I let his cat rub up against my leg, leaving countless white hairs on my black trousers. “Oh dear”, he says, “I should have told you to watch out for our cat Harold”. I start stripping off while he gets me a drink of water. When he comes back into the room I’m just wearing my trousers.

We sit next to each other on the sofa, and chat for a minute or two. He’s been in the country for around four years, and he works for someone selling antiques in Notting Hill. While we’re chatting I’ve put my hand on his knee. Before too long he rubs my bare chest with his hand and says “Why don’t we go to the bedroom?”

Once in the bedroom he gets me to strip completely and lie on the double bed. He fondles me, and eventually I get him to strip too. For a small Asian guy he’s exceptionally well endowed. We kiss and cuddle, hold and play with each other. Eventually he finishes me off, saying “don’t worry, it takes a long time to get me to cum”. Then he puts his undershorts on and fetches me a towel to clean up.

I lay on the bed, and after moping up with the towel he gives me, I put my undershorts on too. We chat a while, me lying on the bed, and him sitting at the foot of the bed. I’m in no hurry to get back to work. “I wish I had a better skin complexion”, he says. I protest, saying that I think he’s got great skin, but he’s not convinced.

Gradually he gets closer to me. Eventually he puts his head on the pillow next to me. He tells me that he’ll probably go home to Asia next year.

“Do you like cuddling”, I ask.

“Yes of course”. He moves closer and I wrap my arms round him and hug him tightly. Apart from our undershorts, we’re both naked, and he feels wonderful. He’s such a sweet guy. Gradually he becomes aroused again, so I start fondling him through his undershorts.

“Oh, put it away”, he laughs.

But when I try again shortly later, he doesn’t put up any resistance. This time, it’s me who finishes him off!

“Hmmm, that was lovely”, he says afterwards.

While I’m getting dressed, he goes to fetch a brush to get the white cat hairs off my trousers. He brushes me down, which is very kind of him.

“Let me show you to the bus stop”, he says slipping on his shoes. That's also very kind of him.

I end up having to run for a bus so I send him a txt msg.

Thanks for taking me to the bus stop :-)) I really enjoyed meeting you, take care, xxx

He replies almost immediately,

You too mate. Enjoy the holiday. x

Somehow using the blokey expression mate doesn’t suit such a cute Asian guy.

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