Sunday, June 19, 2005

Some of us have such complicated lives

With travel agents still sorting out my holiday with P (Boyfriend Number 2 - Past the point of no return?), I head for the gym sauna last Friday after my usual gym class.

When I enter there’s just a straight guy in there wearing swim shorts, but soon C comes in naked as usual (Business as usual in the gym sauna on Friday). Another guy follows C in so now there are four of us.

“Hi C”, I say cheerfully.

“Hi mate, how are you?”, says C.

“Fine, off on a four week holiday to Asia next week so you won’t see me for a while”

“That’s a long trip, going on your own?”

“Unfortunately my main boyfriend couldn’t go, so I’m meeting my Asian boyfriend out there and going with him.”

C hesitates. Both the other guys in there are probably straight and I’ve just broken an unspoken rule – no overtly gay conversation in front of straight guys. But at the moment I’m finding my boyfriend situation difficult and I’m past the point of caring what people think. I need to talk to other guys about it but I can’t talk to any of my mainstream friends because they think I’m 100% faithful to boyfriend number 1.

Neither of the straight guys show any interest whatsoever so C continues.

“Yeah, I sometimes meet my wife and kids on location for a holiday.”

Now it’s my turn to be dumbfounded! Surely there is no way that C isn't gay, so how can he possibly have a wife? Although he’s only been a member of this gym for a month he’s already one of the most promiscuous guys in the sauna scene.

We chat a bit about his wife. It turns out that at the moment she lives in New Zealand with his kids, sothey sometimes meet each for a holiday somewhere in between the UK and New Zealand. Before too long both the straight guys have left so there’s just me and C. As soon as they’ve gone I ask

“But are you gay or straight?”

“Probably gay”, he says smiling. “But if anything serious happened it’s her I’d turn to. I don’t think she’s got any idea that I prefer guys though.”

C goes on to tell me that although he doesn’t have a full time boyfriend, there’s a gay friend from New Zealand who he sees a lot.

“If I’d met him before my wife then he’d probably be my boyfriend. He knows about my wife and he doesn’t care. There’a also a policeman I see every month or two, but he’s just into hardcore anal sex.”

“I’ve got a similar problem at the moment, I’ve just got too many boyfriends.”

But unfortunately he’s not interested in talking about my situation. After this conversation, having a session with C doesn’t seem appropriate so I make my excuses and head for the shower. At least I’m not the only person with a complicated life.

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