Friday, June 03, 2005

A meeting with an oriental guy in West London

I had been exchanging messages with an oriental guy who lives in West London since mid April, but we had been unable to arrange a meeting. West London isn’t particuarly convenient for me to get to, but last Tuesday we managed to arrange a meeting after work.

He wouldn’t give me his address, instead he wanted to meet me at the underground station. Usually I prefer to have an exact address as well as a mobile phone number, because there have been occasions when I have waited for guys to meet me who don’t turn up. On this occasion I settled for just a mobile phone number – after such a long ‘courtship’ I felt confident that the meeting would occur.

I arrive at the underground station and phone him. “OK great, where are you, I’ll be 2 minutes”, he says. Ten minutes later and I’m still waiting so I phone him again, but I needn’t have worried – he turns up almost immediately.

We’re probably about the same age. His internet age on gaydar is one year more than mine (What's your internet age?), and I guess that his real age is similar to mine too! He’s a very relaxed, friendly guy.

“You seem to be in a bit of a hurry”, he says as we’re walking back to his flat.

“Well I do have to meet a friend at a gym class in just over an hour and a half”, I say truthfully. He looks a bit upset.

His flat is quite small, a bed-sit with a small kitchen and bathroom attached. But it’s comfy enough, and in a reasonably smart part of London. We get down to business straight away, first undressing each other, and then cuddling and playing with each other on his single bed. He apologises for being a bit sweaty, which he puts down to the fact that we hurried back from the underground station. He’s a very sweet guy and we have an enjoyable time, although it’s clear he prefers to take his time a bit more when having fun with other guys.

“Do you have a boyfriend”, I ask him afterwards. He knows about boyfriend number 1 from the gaydar online messages which we had exchanged.

“Yes I do actually, but we don’t have sex with each other any more. We’ve been together for almost 20 years”.

“See you again perhaps”, he says to me as I’m leaving.

“Yes perhaps”, I say, “although this is the wrong side of town for me really”.

He looks a bit disappointed. When I log onto gaydar later in the evening there’s a message from him saying that it’s a pity I think it’s too far to travel. We’ll see what happens, but as I’ve said before here, it’s very very rare that I meet guys more than once.

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