Wednesday, March 09, 2005

What's your internet age?

I'm having supper with P in Singapore during my Asian trip in 2002 when he says "So what's your internet age?".

He explains to me that the age guys put in their or gaydar profiles tends to be lower than their real age! Of course I know this, but I'd never heard that terminology before.

"My internet age is still 29", he continues, looking slightly embarrassed. I know that P was in his early 30's, but the discrepancy is plausible.

I smile at him. "Well yes," I admit, "my internet age is a couple of years less than my real age too."

Society is to blame! The same force that drives aging Hollywood actresses to try to keep the same appearance when they're in their sixties that they had in their twenties drives gay guys to lie about their age.

But if I was using the internet to look for a boyfriend, I would be honest about my age. Perhaps the fact that there are so many guys on gaydar who are being 'economical' with the truth when it comes to their age is just an indication that, like me, most guys use it for finding fun.

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