Monday, March 28, 2005

Fun in London on a Bank Holiday afternoon

Bank Holiday afternoons are often a good time to find fun on gaydar. I’ve always reckoned that it’s because there are guys who don’t have many friends in London, or perhaps the ones they do have have gone away for the long weekend. So after three days without much social contact for the guys left in London, gaydar gets busy.

Anyway, I get back from the Easter holiday with boyfriend number 1 mid-afternoon, and since it’s a Bank Holiday in London I decide to see if there’s any fun to be had on gaydar. I’ve only been logged on for 5 minutes when an Asian student in London contacts me. He’s keen to meet me, and he can accommodate, so I get his mobile phone number and his address. We agree that I’ll visit him immediately. I tell boyfriend number 1 that I’m off to the gym to start working off the excesses of the Easter weekend.

The mini-cab driver I find for the short journey starts to worry me. First he tells me that he’s got cataracts in his eyes so he can’t see the map very well. Next I discover that he’s also got glaucoma, another eye problem. Shouldn’t drivers have good vision to help prevent road accidents? Luckily we arrive in one piece. It’s a small terraced house with a little front garden.

There are three doorbells on the front door, so not knowing which one to press I call the mobile phone number. “Hi, I’ve arrived, can you come and let me in?”

“Errr”, he says, “I didn’t expect you so soon. Can you wait five minutes?”

“Sure”, I say, “I’ll just stay here”. This is very unusual, being left on the doorstep. Normally guys don't like other people to see they're having visitors.

While I’m waiting outside by the front door another Asian guy arrives. Without this guy ringing any of the three doorbells, the front door opens. There’s an Asian guy standing there. Given that the guy who is arriving didn’t ring any doorbells, is the guy in the doorway the guy I’m meant to be meeting? Although he looks chubbier than the guy in the photo I saw on gaydar, I can’t be sure one way or the other because the gaydar photo might be an old photo.

So I assume that the guy in the doorway is the guy from gaydar and move to enter the house. It’s a mistake. “Excuse me, who are you looking for?” the guy in the doorway says, blocking my way. I explain I’m waiting for an Asian guy to answer the door and let me in. “It’s OK”, I say, “I can wait outside”. Both the Asian guys go inside content, so I use the phone again.

“Can you come and let me in”, I plead, “your flatmates are wondering what I’m doing waiting outside like this”.

“Oh, OK”.

Soon the door is answered by a guy who does look like the gaydar photo I saw.

“Come in”, he says, smiling. We head upstairs. It turns out that the guy lives in a bed-sit at the very top of the house. “There are around seven Asian students living here”, he explains on the way up.

Once in his room, I start undressing. I get down to my undershorts and sit down on a futon, which doubles as a couch. He comes and sits next to me and slowly starts touching my chest and nipples. Hmmm, I love being touched. “If you make some room we could have a cuddle on your bed”, I suggest. He doesn’t seem interested. Instead his hands start to wander lower down my body. Soon he’s licking my nipples, and then licking my cock through my undershorts. Once he’s taken my undershorts off I don’t last long. He goes to get some kitchen roll to mop me up.

We chat a bit afterwards. He’s Thai, and he’s been in London for over four years studying English and accountancy. He offers me a glass of water, which I accept. I tell him about but when I tell him that it seems to be focussed on relationships he doesn’t seem interested. “I have more fun being single”, he says, although I get the impression he doesn’t meet many guys. There’s a copy of FHM magazine lying on the table, isn’t that for straight guys?

As I’m leaving I give him a big hug. Finally he seems interested in a cuddle. “Sometimes cuddling is better than sex”, he says. Yes, I couldn’t agree more. So why didn’t we cuddle earlier?

He’s a nice guy, although perhaps not quite sure of what he wants. I give him a couple of kisses while still in his room, and he shows me down to the front door. “Thanks a lot” I say quietly at the door, “I really enjoyed it”. I turn to wave as I reach the end of the small front garden, but he’s already closed the door. Ahhh well, I hope he enjoyed meeting me as much as I enjoyed meeting him.

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