Sunday, March 20, 2005

Asia trip 2002: Tuesday evening in Hong Kong

[Continued from: Asia trip 2002: early Tuesday morning in Shanghai]

While I’m with my colleagues at Hong Kong airport, waiting at the carousel to pick up our bags, I disappear briefly to phone L. “Hi, I’m the guy from London”, I start, “do you still want to meet me tonight?”

“Yes, if you want to meet with me”, says L with a chuckle, “which hotel are you staying in?”

I tell L the name of the hotel, and together we work out what time I’m likely to be available, given that I’ve got to pick up my bags and make my way into the city centre. “OK great, I’ll send you a txt msg as soon as I reach the hotel”.

But before we hang up L asks me, “Was I the only reply to your advert?”

“No, there were about 8”.

“And from all those replies you chose me??”. L sounds very happy but astonished.

“Yes, you sounded like the nicest guy”, I say gently. “Anyway, I can tell you more later if you want, but got to rush now, I can see the bags coming out on the carousel”.

As expected, it’s not until around 9:30pm that I reach the hotel. While I’m checking in, I send L a txt msg that I prepared in the taxi, asking him when he can get to the hotel. I get a reply almost immediately. He’s not far away, so he can meet me around 10pm.

We meet in the hotel lobby. “Is there anywhere outside the hotel we can go for a snack”, I ask, “I haven’t had any supper?”

Just like the night before with H when I suggested a drink, L seems slightly surprised by the request. But he seems happy enough to take me somewhere. “Yes of course”, he says, “there’s a shopping centre near here with several bars and restaurants, what kind of food are you looking for?”

“I’m don’t really mind, are you hungry too?” I ask. Not really it turns out, but he’s happy to keep my company.

Although the shopping centre seems deserted, the few bars and restaurants there are quite crowded. We end up in a small Chinese restaurant. I order a snack and a beer, and L has a soft drink.

“So were there really 8 guys who answered your advert?” L asks, as we wait for the drinks to arrive.

“Yes, but only three were good replies”, I say, “for example a couple of the others asked if I would be around later this week instead”.

“So why did you choose me?”

“Oh I don’t know, you sounded the nicest. Why did you agree to meet me anyway?” I ask, trying to play L at his own game.

“Well, I love English guys”, L chuckles.

During the conversation, L tells me that he is taking evening classes to learn Japanese, which was why it was convenient for him to meet me tonight because his class had been this evening, and not too far away from the city centre. He’s very easy to talk to, and clearly a lovely guy. After I’ve finished my snack I ask him if we wants to come back to my hotel room.

“OK, if you’re sure you don’t want to ask one of the other guys who replied to your advert” he teases.

“What do you like to do”, L asks, when we’re back in my room at the hotel.

“To start, I love kissing and cuddling”, I say, “just lying on the bed feeling each other’s naked bodies.”

L slowly undresses me, and I undress him too, and soon we’re cuddling on the bed although still wearing our undershorts. Soon we strip off completely, and start playing with each other. L clearly loves having his cock played with, but he tells me “you’ve got to get it very wet to make me cum”, referring to his helmet. This doesn’t turn out to be a big problem because the more I play with him the more pre-cum he produces. Afterwards, as usual, I want someone to cuddle in bed through the night so I ask him to stay the night.

“But you’ve got time now to meet some of the other guys who replied to your advert”, L chuckles.

What kind of guy does L think I am? The kind of guy who finds other men to have fun with when he’s away from boyfriend number 1, I guess! But with a bit of persuasion L is happy to stay with me overnight, and we both enjoy the cuddling.

[To be continued: Asia trip 2002: Wednesday in Hong Kong and Taipei]

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