Thursday, March 24, 2005

Back in London in the gym sauna last Monday

After a good run on the treadmill at the gym last Monday, I go into the sauna to see if J or F are around. The sauna is empty so I lie down on my back, naked. But then it gets busy. Several guys come in who I don’t recognise, although unfortunately all but one of them have shorts on. No sign of J or F either.

But after a few minutes E comes in, also naked. We smile at each other. Then more guys come in who I don’t recognise so I go for a shower to cool down a bit, there's not going to any action for quite a while. A few minutes later I return. Some of the guys have gone, but there’s one guy in particular who looks like he’s straight, and looks like he’s in there for the long haul. After 5 minutes I hatch a plan.

I go and put my shorts on and go back into the sauna. Since fun in the sauna is blocked, I want to get E to follow me to the obscure lockable room that I know, where we had some fun last December (A meeting with E in the gym sauna). Hopefully E will remember. Back in the sauna, the straight guy is still there, and so is E but he’s now in the position I was in, lying on his back naked. Damm, I can’t catch E’s eye unless he sits up.

But after a couple of minutes, E sits up. The straight guy has got his head down, so I catch E’s eye and ever so slightly nod my head towards the door, and smile. E looks surprised, but has he understood? Only one way to find out. I get up and leave the sauna. Once outside I walk a few paces towards the door of the men’s changing room. No point in going any further unless E follows me.

For ten seconds there’s no sign of him, but then E leaves the sauna too. And he’s put on the shorts he had taken off in the sauna, so he probably understands my idea. Walking slowly, I leave the changing room, and head to the room. Great, E is following me. I get there first and go in, and E comes in a few seconds later. We lock the door.

“Busy in the sauna this morning!” I say quietly, smiling, putting my hand gently on E’s shoulder. E smiles back.

We both take our shorts off, and walk towards each other. We hug each other tightly, while feeling each other's naked bodies. E breaks away and moves down to suck and nibble at my right nipple. “Mmmm, where did you learn to do that E?” I think to myself, “have you started to use gaydar?”.

“Do you like kissing?” I ask E, wondering what else he may have learned.

“Err not really”, he says looking awkward. Never mind. We have an enjoyable time.

Afterwards E says, “You were away last week, weren't you?”

“Yes, I was on holiday with boyfriend number 1 in Southern Europe”, I say. E nods. Perhaps I go to the sauna too much if just being away for one week is obvious to someone like E.

I don't think I've ever seen E using the workout facilities here so I ask him whether he actually uses the gym to keep fit. “Yes of course”, he says, “I often come here more than once a day. And I did a half-marathon last weekend.”

I'm not surprised at the answer. E does have a nice body.

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