Sunday, March 06, 2005

The other guy called E in the gym

At the gym I go to there are two guys called E. There's E who I meet in the sauna (Trying to get E to come out to himself, A meeting with E in the gym sauna), but there's also another guy called E who I sometimes see in the showers. I'll call them 'sauna E' and 'shower E' to distinguish them.

When I first joined this gym the shower area in the men's changing rooms was a long corridor, maybe two yards wide, with shower heads placed every yard or so along the long wall. I admit, this made it very easy to get a good look at all the other guy's naked bodies which I did enjoy! But I wasn't the only one gay in the gym. I recall that on one occasion when I entered the shower area and walked along to find a spare shower head, as I passed each of the six or so guys who were in there at the time they all turned to look me up and down, and all of them tried to look me in the eye. So all of them must have been gay because straight guys avoid eye contact with each other in that situation.

Perhaps the gym management realised that things were getting out of hand, having a cruisey shower area and a cruisey sauna. Or perhaps guys tend to be more shy about their naked bodies than they used to be. Anyway, during some renovation work a few years ago, they put in some frosted glass partitions along the long wall in the shower corridor. There are no doors so as one walks along it's still possible to see naked guys as they're showering. And when you're having a shower, it's still possible to see a detailed outline of the guys on either side of you through the frosted glass. But the new arrangement probably makes the straight guys feel a lot more comfortable. It's certainly not possible to look anyone in the eye through the glass.

But it's definitely possible to spot erections through the glass partitions, and this is how I got to know 'shower E'. On one occasion just after they'd put in the glass partitions I noticed that the guy on my right had a huge erection which he kept 'washing'. Wow I thought, maybe there are some benefits to these partitions because that kind of thing never happened before the partitions were put in. Watching him I couldn't help getting an erection too, which he noticed. So we both watched each other 'washing' ourselves, until we'd each finished ourselves off. Of course, the risk of getting caught just increases the enjoyment.

Although I don't see 'shower E' that frequently, we always make eye contact with each other whenever we're in the changing rooms together. He'll often do something a bit naughty, like caress my buttock when he passes behind me, or pointedly dry his cock a bit too carefully or vigorously when he thinks no one can see but me.

I've seen him for the last two Saturday's now, and I've started to get to know him a bit more. I now know that he lives near the gym, but that he's got a partner so he can't invite me round for fun. I haven't determined whether his partner is male or female yet. He seems a bit cagey about it, so my guess is that his partner is female, perhaps even his wife. In which case this is another example where the straight guys are not really straight (Are all the straight guys really straight?).

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