Friday, March 11, 2005

Friday morning in the gym sauna

I go into the gym sauna this morning wondering if J or F will be there (The muscley guy in the sauna). But instead there's another guy who I recognise as a participant from many months ago. He's on his own, and naked. "Perhaps I'll get a bit of fun with him today?" I wonder.

I sit down quite close, but not too close, that would be rude. Up close however, I'm not so sure it's the guy I thought it was. But he looks at me and we catch each other's eye. Even it it's not the guy I thought it was, this guy is clearly up for it anyway! He takes one of his hands away from his groin and sure enough, he's holding down a stiffy with his other hand.

But we're just getting started when we're disturbed. It's someone I know too, it's S who works for an ex-colleague of mine from a few years ago (see Valentines day morning, 2005). I should have reckoned on him, because we'd just been doing a fitness class together in the gym. Luckily I hadn't moved any closer to the guy with the erection, although it would have been obvious to S that something was going on :-(

To avoid the immediate situation S turns away from us and finds a bit of room to stretch his calf muscles. While S has his back turned to us I start to talk to him. The other guy is losing is stiffy and he leaves fairly quickly.

It's a pity I can't work out how to get S to participate when I'm present. He's an attractive guy. For me there's something very homoerotic about working out in the gym with another guy, getting all sweaty with him, then having sex afterwards in the changing room (or changing room sauna in this case).

So no fun this morning, but maybe there'll be an opportunity for fun this afternoon. I'm on a management training course today, "How to do the perfect appraisal", and if the course finishes a bit early I won't have to go back to the office and I might have time to log onto gaydar before going home to boyfriend number 1.

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