Friday, March 25, 2005

Fun in the West End on Wednesday afternoon

Working at an investment bank is a big time commitment, so opportunities to have fun in the afternoon are rare. But for a couple of days last week, I was at a management training course in a hotel in Berkshire, and I was going to be getting back into London around lunchtime on Wednesday.

Two weeks previously, so before I went on holiday with boyfriend number 1 (On holiday in Southern Europe with Boyfriend Number 1), I receive a message from a guy who lives in the West End of London. The message simply says

Love to empty your tank for you sometime

“Hmmm”, I think, “that’s an amusing way of describing a situation where I get wanked or sucked off”.

Since then, I’ve been exchanging gaydar online messages with this guy, and we are clearly working up to a meeting. While still on holiday last week I get a gaydar message,

Not sure what my movements are next week, may be around Wed if that's any good for you

Yes, maybe I could visit on my way back through London, as I head into the office on Wednesday afternoon after the training course. So with a couple of further exchanges, the meeting is provisionally arranged for early Wednesday afternoon. I’ll visit him in his apartment.

While I’m still at the training course I get a txt msg from him,

What time will you be visiting me?

I reply during the next coffee break and its all set up. Every hour or so I get further txt msgs. “Blimey”, I think, “this guy is keen”. Well, after a day and a half in a hotel with my straight colleagues talking about which new fast car they’re going to spend this year’s bonus on, I’m keen to get my tank emptied too.

Everything goes according to plan. When I arrive into Paddington railway station with my colleagues, I make an excuse that I’ve got a couple of things to buy on my way through London to the office. I grab a taxi, and soon I’m there. “Come on up”, he says to me as he presses the outside door release from his apartment.

He’s on the fifth floor, and when I get there it turns out to be a fabulous apartment, with magnificent views of the river Thames. As an investment banker, I reckon I’m usually wealthier than the guys I meet for fun, but judging from his apartment this guy must be a lot wealthier than me. “Hi, where do you want me?” I ask as I enter. As he’s closing the door, I put down my overnight bag and strip off my top.

He turns round and notices that I’m bare-chested. “Wow that’s nice”.

We head for the bedroom. “Let me undress you”, he says. Yes please, I do enjoy being stripped naked by another guy. So he gets me on my back, naked, and lifts my legs up and licks me under my bollocks. I’m certainly going to enjoy this. For a split second I wonder what my straight colleagues are doing and whether they’re back at their desks on the trading floor yet. Soon we’re both naked, cuddling and playing with each other. His tank empties first, and then he empties mine, just as he said he would in his first gaydar message to me.

“Do you want a shower”, he offers afterwards. I accept. After the shower I put my trousers on, but leave my top off. “You’ve got a nice body”, he says, “I can tell you go to the gym a lot”.

On his wall is a poster of all the recent vintages of the French wine Chateau Mouton-Rothschild. “Is this what you usually drink?” I ask him, jokingly.

“Well it’s a bit expensive for every day drinking”, he says, “but I do have a few bottles in the cellar at my place in Sussex”.

Indeed, ‘A bit expensive for everyday drinking’ is a good way to describe a wine that can cost well over £100 a bottle.

My colleagues will definitely be back at their desks by now so I should leave. I’ll work late this evening to make up the long lunch break. If only all lunch breaks were this enjoyable.

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