Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Fun in the gym on Monday morning

As I leave for my workout at the gym on Monday morning, I decide that I won't visit the sauna there today. I'd had a couple of good sessions with boyfriend number 1 over the weekend, so "more sex isn't necesary just yet" I think.

Everything is going fine, I've had a good run on the treadmill, and I'm just doing my cool-down stretches when I see 'sauna E' heading towards the changing rooms. I hadn't seen him since I discussed gaydar with him (Trying to get E to come out to himself).

"Hi E, how was your weekend?", I ask him. "Fine", he replies, "and you?". He looks a bit shy, although in fact I think this is the first time we've ever seen other with our clothes on.

Shortly afterwards I'm stripping off in the changing rooms and I give in. I'm wondering how E is after our last chat. He's bound to be in the men's sauna, and if I go in, there may be other guys around anyway so fun with E might not be possible anyway.

But as it turns out, E is in the sauna on his own when I enter. As usual we're both naked. We start by chatting. "I'll be on holiday in Italy this time next week", I start, "Have you had any holidays recently?".

"I was on holiday on safari in Kenya a few weeks ago", E reminds me, "actually I think I told you". When he says this I do remember. I wish I could be better at remembering this kind of information about people, forgetting leaves such a bad impression.

"Yes you did, sorry", I reply feebly. "Me and my boyfriend went on safari there about 10 years ago". I feel this is an important remark because I hadn't mentioned boyfriend number 1 to E before, and the fact that our visit to Kenya was 10 years ago will give him the impression that this is a long term relationshihp which I am keen to convey. A brief conversation about Kenya follows, during which E comes to sit right next to me. So we both end up shooting our loads after all! Ahhh well, so much for my faithful intentions.

Afterwards we carry on chatting, but soon another naked guy enters who I recognise as an occasional participant in sauna fun. He looks gorgeous, very muscley. Shortly after that yet another guy comes in who is also a participant. I'm sure I'm the only one amongst the four of us who knows that we're all participants! But of course me and E have already shot our loads, so we leave shortly afterwards.

While I'm still showering, the muscley guy comes along the shower corridor, slowly looks me up and down, and takes the shower next to me. Through the frosted glass partitions I can see that he's playing with himself, and that he's got a huge erection. "Poor guy must really need some relief, perhaps I can give him a helping hand", I think. So I finish showering and move out into the shower corridor to dry myself, and since no one else is around I'm able to reach in and play with him. Unfortunately I hear someone coming so I'm unable to finish him off, but I enjoy watching him finish himself off. We smile at each other as I walk away to get dressed.

Oh dear! Why do I bother to pretend to myself that I can be monogamous, even for a just a morning?

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