Thursday, March 10, 2005

The muscley guy in the sauna

Yesterday morning I'm lying down naked in the sauna, relaxing after a hard aerobics class, when the muscley guy that I had played with in the showers on Monday comes in (Fun in the gym on Monday morning). He's naked too, and we're the only ones in the sauna this morning, so I smile to myself that we'll probably be able to have a bit of fun. He sits down quite close to where I'm lying. "That's a good sign" I think, so I sit up and smile at him.

I've never spoken to him before so I ask him his name. He's clearly surprised that I've spoken but he answers quitely, "F". He doesn't ask me my name, but I don't mind.

Slowly I can see he's getting excited. He moves closer to me, so I move closer to him too. He's got a couple of tattoos, and a well defined muscley body, and I think he looks great. So we end up playing with each other. Luckily we're not disturbed.

Maybe I'll start to see F regularly here now? Still no sign of J though, I hope he's OK.

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