Thursday, March 03, 2005

The perils of civil partnership

Civil partnership for gay couples in the UK will apparently be available from 5th December 2005 according to Stonewall's article "Christmas comes early!". But how many of us will bother to register? Quite a lot according to the poll I've just spotted on on "Will you be having a Civil Partnership?". The results astounded me:

40.1 % said "Yes, as soon as possible"
34.1 % said "Yes, at some point in the future"
10.6 % said "No, I'm not interested"
9.8 % said "I would if I had a boyfriend"
5.4 % said "No, I'm single"

I had thought that was mostly a dating web-site, but the implication of the results is that around 3/4 of the voters have partners. If the voters are representative of the people who use, presumably it means that is full of people like me, who use it to find a bit of fun on the side?

I've always said to boyfriend number 1 that as soon as civil partnership is available we would do it. I still want to, because I am deeply attached to him. But I am concerned about what "civil partnership divorce" might mean. If the rules are the same as for heteros then potentially I could be in deep deep trouble if he find out and objects to my activities.

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