Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Trying to get E to come out to himself

Saw E again in the gym sauna yesterday. I'd seen him there on Friday (A meeting with E in the gym sauna) so after he sits down I ask him if he's had a good weekend. But E has other things on his mind, especially because we are in there alone. He must have been dying for a bit of action because within 3 minutes he's shot his load!

Almost immediately a guy I know comes in and sits down next to me. He assesses the situation pretty well because straight away he leans over and starts playing with me. Afterwards he jokes that I’ve worn out his arm. He doesn't stay very long, and says "make sure you guys behave yourselves now!" as he leaves.

Suddenly it’s a perfect opportunity to discuss the things with E that I had wanted to discuss on Friday, but didn't get the chance. "Do you ever use the internet to find this sort of fun?" I begin, trying to look him in the eye. Great I think, I've managed to find an excellent first line.

"Err, no, I didn't know you could", replies E, "I don't talk about this with anyone".

"Well there's gaydar.co.uk", I say, "that's pretty good". E looks uneasy, perhaps because I've used the 'gay' word. Before gay guys come out to themselves it can be hard to hear that word in any context which connects them with ‘gay’.

"But what kind of people are there at the other end", E asks.

"People like you and me" I answer, smiling. “And I've got a pretty good idea because I've been using the internet to meet guys since 1995".

E looks amazed. "But where do you go to meet up?"

"You can do whatever you want. Go over to his place, invite him to yours, or just meet up for a drink somewhere public".

I reckon it's about time to use the 'gay' word again. "gaydar.co.uk is much better than gay.com, in London anyway."

E nods, so I continue. "I doubt you have a wife or girlfriend?"

E looks uneasy again and shakes his head, as though he’s been found out. “No, I don’t” he admits.

“Well I know several guys that have found their boyfriends on gaydar”.

Unfortunately someone else comes in so the conversation is over. I could be wrong, but its just possible that that will be one of the most important conversations of E’s life! It will be if it’s the push he needs to come out to himself as being gay. After all, he surely can’t go on for ever getting his all his sexual needs satisfied in the gym sauna.

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