Friday, March 04, 2005

Thursday fun at the gym, but where is J?

I haven't seen J since Valentines day morning, 2005 so I visit the sauna after my workout as usual. Ths sauna is empty so I lie down naked to relax.

Within 5 mins a slightly stocky guy comes in, also naked, and sits down directly opposite me. Hmmm, a guy who sits down in the sauna with a good view of another naked guy is often cruising (see "How gay men cruise gym saunas and steam rooms"). Eventually I sit up and look at him and he looks at me - another sign. He then leaves, but within a couple of minutes he's back, having had a shower - yet another sign. This guy must be looking for a bit of fun.

We catch each other's eye and contact is made. Within a few minutes he's come to sit next to me. "What's your name?" I ask quietly. "F", he replies. It's an Irish name and I don't quite catch it the first time he says it. So we start having a bit of fun. But we're not paying proper attention and all of a sudden another guy is opening the sauna door. Damm, he must have seen us through the glass, and he could have been anyone, I must be more careful. Anyway he doesn't blink at all and just sits down - either he's seen it all before, or he's so shocked he doesn't know what to do! But he's wearing shorts and shows no sign of wanting to join in so the fun is over for now :-(

Not sure what to do, the slightly stocky Irish guy leaves and I follow shortly after him. To avoid interruptions, we decide to make use of the obsure lockable room which I used last December with E (A meeting with E in the gym sauna). He's keen on kissing, and also enjoys licking my left armpit. Fine with me, although I've never seen the attraction of armpits.

"That's a nice way to start a Thursday", I say afterwards. "Yeah", he smiles, "especially because I've got a terrible day ahead of me at work, there's a report I've got to finish". Very satisfactory. But what's happened to J, why haven't I seen him since Valentines day?

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