Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Asia trip 2002: Thursday, meeting P in Singapore

[Continued from: Asia trip 2002: Wednesday in Hong Kong and Taipei]

After I’ve given my talk at the seminar in Taipei, I sneak off to the shops in the basement of the hotel. I want to find a present for P. I’m not sure what’s appropriate, but eventually I settle on some after-shave.

Early afternoon, I send P a txt msg to say I’m looking forward to meeting him in the evening. Eventually I get a response. I’m to phone him when I arrive in Singapore, and we’ll meet in the bar at the back of Boat Quay where we originally met for the first time the previous year.

The afternoon flight from Taipei to Singapore is on time, so everything goes according to plan. It’s just gone 9pm and I’m in the bar near Boat Quay waiting for P, sitting on a bar-stool having bought myself a beer. I start to wonder whether I’m taking my infidelity too far. This will be the first time that I’m meeting someone on a second visit, so P is starting to become my boyfriend in Singapore. I like the idea of having a boyfriend waiting for me in all the cities I visit regularly, but is it putting my relationship with boyfriend number 1 at risk?

Soon P arrives so I buy him a drink. He looks very well, and seems happy to see me. We chat for a while. Since I was here last year, P has moved out of his parent’s home and got his own place near Orchard Road. To help him pay the rent, he’s got a couple of lodgers, both single gay guys. His work seems to be going well too. He’s such a nice guy, I can’t understand why he hasn’t found himself a proper boyfriend. Eventually I tell him, “I bought you a little present, it’s back in my hotel room”.

“Oh, you shouldn’t have”, says P.

“Don’t get too excited”, I say, “it’s nothing very special. Do you want to come back to my room to pick it up?”

As soon as we get inside my hotel room I turn to him and give him a big hug. Singapore isn’t really the place for men to enjoy hugging each other in public. P hugs me back, and we lean back to smile at each other. I break away to find his present.

“Will you stay the night here with me?” I ask him gently, as I give him the present. I had got the shop to wrap it up properly.

“I didn’t know if you’d want me to or not”, replies P sounding very shy, “it’s been about a year since we met”.

“Of course I want you to stay the night with me, I had such a good time with you last year”.

P opens the present. “Oh thank you, that’s lovely”.

I go over to him and give him a big hug again. “Please stay the night with me, I’ll be lonely without you”.

“OK, I’d love to stay the night with you”, says P smiling back at me. It turns out he’s got his toothbrush with him, so he was just teasing me.

Rather than have sex there and then, we behave like we’re actually boyfriends. Neither of us planned it that way, but that’s what happened. We both get ready for bed, taking it in turn to use the bathroom. I feel very lucky having someone like P to share my bed with in Singapore in such a comfortable way.

Soon we’re in bed together. I’ve taken my undershorts off, but P still has his on. He is a bit shyer than I am. Slowly we start cuddling and kissing each other. He feels really good. He smells really good too. After a short while I take off P’s undershorts. We have a great time together.

Afterwards we cuddle as we’re lying there trying to get to sleep. And we cuddle again in the morning as we’re waking up. But we don’t cuddle through the night, we get a good night’s sleep just lying close to each other, just like actual boyfriends do.

[To be continued: Asia trip 2002: Friday, final day]

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