Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Asia trip 2002: Friday, final day

[Continued from: Asia trip 2002: Thursday, meeting P in Singapore]

In the morning both me and P take a shower, and we go down to breakfast together in the hotel. The hotel lays out a buffet style breakfast, like almost all hotels I can think of these days. I’m fetching myself some toast from the buffet, and when I get back to the table, P says, “I think the people at that table over there know you”.

I turn round and almost all my colleagues from the bank are having breakfast at a nearby table. They all wave at me, with big smiles on their faces. I’m startled, but manage to keep my composure. I just smile and wave back. Damm, for the third time one or more of them have spotted me with a local guy. As I said previously, I don’t mind them knowing I’m gay, but I don’t want them to think that P or any of the others are rent-boys.

While we’re having breakfast, P asks about my flight back to London. “I’m taking one of the late evening British Airways flights out tonight, but I can meet you for an early supper if you like?”

“OK”, says P looking slightly sad, “Next time you come, why don't you stay a bit longer so we can spend some time together”.

We agree to meet around 6:30pm. Around 6:15pm I get a cab to the big Border’s bookshop near Orchard Road, near where P lives, and right on time P meet me there.

We have a pleasant supper. P asks about boyfriend number 1, and my life in London. He also asks me my Internet age (What's your internet age?) and I tell him the truth. It turns out that I’m slightly older than the European boyfriend he had a few years ago.

Before we say goodbye, we go into a chemist together. I’ve heard about a sleeping pill Melatonin, which is meant to help with jet lag too. P helps me choose a good brand, I’ll try it out when I’m back in London and trying to adjust back to the UK time zone.

“Well, I’ll get in touch the next time I’m in Singapore”, I say as we’re searching for a taxi to take me back to my hotel, “but you should really try and find yourself a nice boyfriend”.

“Oh I know”, sighs P, “can’t you find one for me?”

We find a taxi, and as it pulls away we wave goodbye to each other. I didn’t know at the time, but it wasn’t to be until February 2005 that I would meet P again (Singapore trip Feb 2005. Monday, final day). But it had been a great week. It was really good to see P again, and to meet all the other guys too.

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