Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The nipple question

I usually get up early. Sometimes I'll log on to gaydar while I'm eating my breakfast, and while boyfriend number 1 is still tucked up in bed. And just occasionallly there'll be an opportunity for a bit of fun before work.

Yesterday was just such a day. I log on to gaydar, then I check the news and the financial market news in particular while I eat my breakfast. Out of the blue I get a gaydar online message. There's a guy in the Ibis Hotel near Euston who's interested in getting me to visit him in his hotel room for a session before work.

"... and will you get naked with me?", he asks. "Yes sure", I reply, "stark bollock naked :-)". So it's all settled. I quickly order a taxi, visit the bathroom, and on my way out kiss boyfriend number 1 (who's still in bed) to wish him a pleasant day.

When I get there its clear that the photo he sent me is several years old, but he's a nice enough guy so I don't mention it. He's just got his undershorts on, and I can see that he's got a few tattoos, including one of his name on his upper arm just below his shoulder. I swiftly take off almost all my kit, until I'm just in my undershorts too. Slowly he walks towards me, bends down slightly, and starts licking my right nipple. We have an enjoyable session. I notice that his nipples are quite small, which is interesting because in my experience that's more typical of straight guys.

And indeed, afterwards he tells me that he's married with two kids. He's just over here for a computer course for the week, while his wife and kids are back in Belgium. Of course, his wife doesn't know that he uses gaydar. I always feel a bit better knowing that the other guy is cheating on his partner too.

While I'm in the taxi from the hotel to the bank, I ponder the nipple question. Why don't women play with men's nipples when they're being intimate together? Surely it's not only gay men who have sensitive nipples? The guy I'd just met certainly knew that gay men have sensitive nipples, even if maybe his wife doesn't.


Anonymous said...

Why don't women play with men's nipples when they're being intimate together?

Good question. Here's my answer, for my particular situation: I've tried playing with them before, but my husband doesn't seem all that into it. It might be that his nipples aren't sensitive. However, it could just be that he finds it to be too "different." I mean, society--tv, magazines, etc.--is always all "Women, breast, nipple, play play play." Hardly ever do you get that same message about guys.

So maybe straight guys associate nipple play with something that should only happen to women. I dunno. I think they're all missing out though, no matter what their reason.

Anonymous said...

I like playing with my husbands nipples!.but agreed- he doesn't enjoy it so much. Maybe they see it as a woman thing and something that de-masculinizes them during the sexual encounter as it is something that is perceived to be more feminine and they are more focused on their manhood since there is only one in play lol

Anonymous said...

A bi married man here. I never knew man's nipples were sensitive until I messed around with a dude. I wouldn't feel comfortable to have a woman playing with them as nipples are a gal's thing. I enjoy playing with a guy's nipples, as a partially straight bi guy, it reminds me the pleasure I get from a woman's nipples.