Monday, June 20, 2005

Sunday afternoon session with a deaf gay slapper

Even though it was a beautifully hot summer’s day in London yesterday, I still can’t help myself from logging onto gaydar briefly in the early afternoon. I only log on for 10 minutes, and I’m about to log off when a guy contacts me. We hit it off quickly and I agree to visit him:

“It’ll probably take me 30 mins to get 2 u m8, do you have a mobile phone in case I get lost?”

“I’m deaf. I don’t use mobile phones.”

Wow! I’ve never met a deaf gay guy before.

“Are you completely deaf m8, or just very hard at hearing?” I ask, “It doesn’t matter to me at all.”

“I’m deaf”

“OK fine, no probs, I’m on my way”

“See you in 30”

When I arrive he has to come downstairs to let me in to the flat. There is a door entry system, but because he’s deaf he can’t really talk properly. He wasn’t able to tell me that the door was very stiff so that I had to pull it really hard when he released it from his flat.

With the heat outside I’m glad to strip off when I enter the flat. We have an enjoyable session, which doesn’t last very long because he cums quite quickly. I’m used to guys telling me that they’re about to cum, but of course he didn’t so I wasn’t ready!

Communication is difficult, but I want to stay a while afterwards to find out a bit more about him so I ask for a glass of water. He’s happy to oblige.

We stand for a while in his sitting room, with him lip reading and me trying to work out what he’s saying. I realise that the arrival of the internet must have completely transformed his sex life. Online he’s as eloquent as everyone else – but the poor guy would never be able to go and pick up a man at a gay bar or club. He tells me that he was born deaf so he’s never known anything else. I guess that it must be easier that way.

Eventually we head to his computer and use notepad.exe to communicate! That’s when he tells me that he’s a “slapper”. And he’s not joking. He points to what looks like a watering can and tells me that its for piss, to be poured into guy’s arses. He’s having his flat re-decorated and he wants to get a sling fitted, although he’s worried in case the ceiling isn’t strong enough.

I find myself wondering whether he got into all this because as a deaf gay guy he wasn’t able to make any headway in the mainstream gay scene, but he for some reason he was accepted into this hardcore sleazy scene. In my experience, guys who get into this do so because they get bored with standard gay sex and have to do more and more extreme stuff to get their satisfaction. But when I just cuddled this guy a bit, kissed him gently, played with him, I got him to cum for me almost immediately.

Tonight I fly to Singapore for my holiday with boyfriend number 2 (Boyfriend Number 2 - Past the point of no return?). Boyfriend number 1 still thinks I’m going to be on holiday alone. I’m gradually coming to the conclusion that I’m going to have to tell boyfriend number 1 that I’m not monogamous, and that boyfriend number 2 exists in Singapore. I think it would be cruel to tell him before I leave because I know how his mind works – he’d worry while I am away about whether I’m going to go back to him, which I am.

But I can’t think about all that just now. My immediate priority is to forget about the situation with boyfriend number 1 so that I can enjoy my the holiday with boyfriend number 2.

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