Sunday, June 05, 2005

Brief encounter in the gym sauna last Thursday

Last Thursday I enter the gym sauna after my morning work out and it's empty. So I lie down naked on my back to relax.

Shortly afterwards a slightly older guy comes in wearing swimming trunks, but when he sees me naked he immediately takes them off. Hmmm, that's interesting I think, the only real reason to do that is if you're interested in a bit of fun!

Although we glance at each other we don't quite catch each other's eye. I'm interested to find out whether my suspicion is correct, so I sit up and take notice of the situation. To test him out, I allow myself to become slightly excited downstairs.

He notices my slight excitement. He's sitting sideways on to me, with his legs up on the bench which hide my view of his cock. A couple of minutes pass, with him glancing over to me, and then I realise what's happening. He's started to play with himself, although because of the position of his legs it's almost impossible to tell! This makes me more excited, which he notices, and which gradually makes his more eager to show me what he's doing.

Eventually to get a better view I move to sit closer to him. He moves slightly close to me to and touches me, but the excitement is too much for him. "I'm gonna cum soon", he whispers, and within 10 secs its all over.

I smile at him saying "nice one mate", and head for the shower. Even though I didn't cum myself, a bit of fun before work always puts a smile on my face.

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