Tuesday, June 07, 2005

An accidental second meeting with a bisexual guy

I’m in a meeting at work last Thursday when I get a txt msg from a bisexual guy who I had almost visited for a session a couple of weeks ago.

You around kensington today mate?

Just what I need to perk me up after a difficult day so after the meeting I txt him back:

I could visit kensington today after work, can I phone you?

Soon I get a txt msg reply and so I phone him up to arrange the details. He sends me a txt msg with his address and it’s all fixed for around 6pm.

But on my way to visit him after work a thought crosses my mind. He lives very close to a bisexual guy who I visited for a session last Christmas eve. Is there something about this part of town which attracts bisexuals? Or is the guy I’m about to visit the same guy as the one I visited before? I suspect that it may well be the same guy. When I get off the tube I phone him for final directions:

”I’ve got a feeling we’ve met before”, I say after he's told me exactly how to find him.

“Really, are you sure?”

“No. I’m coming anyway, let’s work it out when we see each other face to face.” The session I had last Christmas eve was very enjoyable, so even if it is the same guy it will be fun.

When I arrive at the appartment block I’m almost 100% certain that it’s the same guy, but when he opens the door there’s no doubt in my mind – it’s definitely him. How amusing that neither of us remembered!

“Have you changed your profile name?” I ask.

“No, have you?”

“Not for a couple of years”, I reply.

We head for the bedroom. Almost before I’ve started undressing the guy has whipped off his shorts and t-shirt, and is lying on the bed playing with himself. He looks great. We have a very enjoyable time, which he punctuates with various sounds of encouragement

“Phwooor ...”

“Corrrr ...”

“Hmmmmm ...”

“Phwooor ...”

Afterwards we chat for a while. This isn’t his flat, he borrows it from a friend for occasional sessions with guys which his wife has no idea about!

“Let’s not leave it so long before we have another session together”, he says as I leave.

I often say that second meetings are guys who I meet online are very rare. I guess this is the exception that proves the rule.

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