Thursday, June 09, 2005

A quickie in the gym sauna

A difficult morning at work forces me to take a very late lunch. After a quick sandwich I head for the sauna in the gym for a bit of relaxation. Lunchtime tends to be busy with straight guys, but in the early and mid afternoon it is often possible to find guys looking for a bit of fun.

But when I enter, there are a couple of straight guys in there chatting. They’re both naked, sitting on opposite sides, and I get the impression that they work in the same office.

“I suppose I should marry her, but she never seemed interested before”

“Make her an honest woman mate. Anyway, I could do with a good party!!”

They’re friendly down-to-earth guys, and they involve me in their conversation too to a small extent which is really nice. The only problem is, it’s not the kind of company I’m looking for, so after five minutes I leave to take a cool-down shower.

When I re-enter the sauna it’s empty. Soon a cute Indian guy enters wearing a towel, but he keeps himself to himself. So after five minutes I leave to take another cool-down shower.

I enter the sauna for a third time and again it’s empty so I lie down naked to relax. Soon a guy I don’t recognise enters, naked and quite well-hung. He takes up a mildly aggressive cruising position, facing me so he’s got a good view of my naked body, his legs apart so I can get a good look at him too (How gay men cruise gym saunas and steam rooms). So not much doubt that he’s after a bit of fun.

Once I’ve sat up and turned to face him it doesn’t take us long to connect with each other. Soon I go and sit next to him. He’s probably about the same age as me, but bigger and more muscular, with a lovely smooth body. We have quite an athletic session lasting about 5 minutes, and luckily we’re not disturbed.

I do wonder how many guys get off with each other in this sauna. Even though it’s very cruisey, it probably only averages half a dozen or so each day given that it’s often difficult to get a situation where everyone in the sauna wants a bit of fun.

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