Saturday, June 11, 2005

Business as usual in the gym sauna on Friday

Yesterday I head for the sauna after my usual Friday morning gym class. Just before I enter I spot J, heading for the shower.

“See you in a minute”, he says.

I guess that J means he’ll be going into the sauna after the shower, so I enter the sauna. Inside there's C, along with a guy I don’t recognise.

Soon J comes in. The last time I saw J he was about to do an exam (The guy with the twitching cock in the gym sauna) so I ask him how it went.

”Oh fine, I passed. But I’ve still got loads more exams to do over the next couple of years”.

Thankfully it’s been ages since I had to do an exam.

The guy I don’t recognise leaves just as another guy enters. The guy who enters was in the same gym class as me this morning. He has a nice well-proportioned body, and is naked. I’ve seen him in the gym class several times but never in the sauna. I always thought he looked like a gay lad, so perhaps I’ll get a chance this morning to find out for sure.

Immediately, the guy from the gym class takes up quite a cruisey position, sitting on the bench facing C with his legs open. C has the same position on his side of the sauna, so both guys have a good view of each other’s tackle. A straight guy would never take up that position, the so I decide that the guy from the gym class must be gay.

While all this has been going on, I’ve been quietly chatting to J, but now J has to leave for work. C also leaves, probably just for a cool-down shower, so I’m left with the guy from the gym class.

Looking over at him, it’s hard to see what’s going on between his legs because he was sitting facing C, but I think I can make out a semi-erection. So I turn to him and stare at his tackle area, trying to make sure he notices. Soon I spot him glancing over at me, and I’m sure he notices that I’m starting to get an erection too. Things progress, and we’re just at the point when we’re watching each other fondle ourselves when C comes back in.

The guy from the gym class obviously doesn’t realise that C is an active participant in this kind of Sauna fun because he stops immediately, trying to hide his erection. He looks over at me and looks a bit perplexed because I don’t try to hide anything.

C resumes his position facing the guy from the gym class. However, after perhaps a minute the guy from the gym class changes his position so that he’s now facing me. I guess that he's doing this to hide his erection, but why does he want to hide it from C given that when he first entered the sauna he took up quite an aggressive position cruising C?

Perhaps a bit peeved that the guy from the gym class seems to have rejected him, C also changes his position so that he’s now facing no one. But in any case, now I’ve got a great view of the guy from the gym class. As he watches me fondle myself, his erection develops even more.

But how to take things further? There are three of us who definitely all enjoy sauna fun, but C and the guy from the gym class aren’t connecting with each other, so a threesome seems out of the question.

After a minute thinking about it I decide to be bold. I move closer to the guy from the gym class and immediately put my hand out to tickle his scrotum. He motions his head towards C with a grimace on his face, obviously concerned that we shouldn’t do anything while there’s a guy in the sauna who he’s not sure about. Of course I am sure about C, so I whisper “don’t worry” with a big smile on my face.

Slowly I start to play with him. I can feel his erection getting even firmer beneath my hand. Again he motions towards C, still very unsure about what I’m doing, so again I say “don’t’ worry” and wink at him. He smiles back. In spite of his concerns he’s clearly enjoying the attention. Curiously, C doesn’t show any sign of wanting to join in. It was only 14 days ago that myself and C had had an enjoyable private session together (A session with C even though the gym sauna is broken).

After about another minute he feels the need to take over from me to finish himself off. He’s now at the stage when he doesn’t care about C any more, and lowers his legs so that C can see what’s going on if he wants. I fondle his nipples, and scrotum underneath, and he puts on a great display. Soon its all over. Immediately afterwards he helps me reach a similar conclusion.

On my way to the showers I say cheerio to C. “Yes, cheers mate” he replies in an indifferent voice. If we’re alone together at some point soon I’ll have to ask him why he didn’t come and join in the fun.

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