Monday, May 30, 2005

A session with C even though the gym sauna is broken

Last Friday morning I do my usual morning gym class and head to the sauna afterwards. But when I get to the sauna it’s not working. Damm, I was looking forward to the sauna all through the workout.

The gym also has a spa mixed spa area, so instead of going to get showered and changed I head over to take a dip in the jacuzzi. Action isn’t going to be possible because this is a mixed male/female jacuzzi but I want to relax after the workout so it’s the only choice available.

After I’ve been in the jacuzzi for a few minutes, C arrives (The guy with the twitching cock in the gym sauna).

“I’ve reported that the facilities aren’t working”, he says when he spots me.

The other guy in the jacuzzi won’t know that C means, but I understand perfectly.

“Yeah, it happens every now and then”, I say.

Soon the other guy leaves so we can talk a bit more openly.

“That sauna is the main reason I come to the gym here”, jokes C smiling. “I used to belong to the gym round the corner, but there was no action there. Well, once I got a blow job from one of the cleaners, but apart from that nothing.”

“I once got a blow job here from one of the staff on reception”, I say, remembering an incident from about two years ago. “No, actually I got a blow job from him twice!” I’d met this guy in the sauna, he was a good looking guy who was very well endowed. However it was busy in the sauna, so we went to the permanent locker area which is often very quiet (Afternoon fun in the gym sauna on Thursday). And this happened on two separate occasions.

C looks like he’s getting a bit frisky. “Pity there’s no where to go for a bit of privacy, well apart from that room you told me about a few weeks ago”, says C.

“So you haven’t seen it yet?” I ask.

“No, but isn’t it a bit obvious, two guys entering and leaving at the same time?”

“Sure, I wouldn’t recommend entering and leaving at the same time. Let me show you, I’ll go in first and you follow after a minute or two.” Looks like I’m going to get a bit of fun after all!

Luckily the room is empty so I go in, leaving the door slightly ajar. Soon C joins me and we lock the door. “I see”, says C, “quite comfy!” By now we’re both quite frisky so we don’t take long to complete the tasks at hand.

Afterwards I explain to C that we should both leave separately too. “You leave first, I’ll lock the door behind you, and then after a minute or two I’ll leave”.

“I see, very crafty”, says C smiling.

Leaving the gym, I head to work a happy grin on my face. I had had some fun, in spite of problems with the usual facilities.

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