Sunday, May 08, 2005

A nice show in the sauna before work

Last Friday I’m chatting to S in the sauna when a guy I recognise enters. It’s the guy who was getting visibly excited when W walked in a couple of weeks ago (A conundrum in the gym sauna). This time though, the guy has got swimming trunks on.

One or two guys come and go, S leaves for a shower, and eventually there’s just me in the sauna with the guy wearing the trunks. We catch each other’s eye, but since he’s wearing trunks I’m not sure whether he’s interested in a bit of fun today or not. I make a point of staring directly at his trunks for several minutes. Slowly I see something stirring inside, so I look him in the eye, look back to his trunks. He smiles at me and puts his hand on his trunks, and then pulls them down slightly to reveal his stiffening erection.

I move to sit next to him, but he backs off. “Don’t touch me”, he says quietly, with quite a stern look on his face. What a pity.

None the less I get a nice show. He starts playing with himself, slowly at first, then vigorously. As he gets more and more into the situation all his muscles in his legs and torso tighten. He looks magnificent. It doesn’t take him long to finish himself off.

Even though I couldn’t touch him, I certainly enjoyed the show.

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