Sunday, May 01, 2005

A visit to an amateur artist

Last Wednesday, Boyfriend number 1 is away visiting his parents when I get home from work, so I log on to gaydar to see if there’s any fun to be found.

I get chatting to a guy who’s advertising for male models. He’s an amateur artist, who gets guys to go round and strip so he can draw them nude. I offer to visit him, telling him that I can only spare 30 minutes, and that I need to have a bit of fun too. He accepts my offer.

The guy is only about a mile or so away so it doesn’t take me long to get there. Face to face he looks about fifty years old, friendly, quite smartly dressed, with a happy face. He shows me up to his studio on the second floor. “Do you want to strip me?” I ask.

“Errr OK”

So he strips me. Then he plays with me. I can tell he doesn’t usually do this kind of thing. Within 10 minutes it’s all over.

“Actually it is male models to draw that I’m after”, he says, “but you were very clear about what you wanted so I thought, ‘why not?’ Usually the guys just arrive and strip, then I draw them and they leave.”

“Do you get many guys to draw?”

“Quite a few. I advertise in the gay press, but a month ago I thought I’d try gaydar to see if I could get any guys that way. I told my partner last week that I’d got an advert on gaydar and he’s deeply suspicious of my motives, after all gaydar is mostly for online cruising. For his purposes I call my profile an advert, but I don’t even think he’s seen it.”

It turns out that he’s been with his partner for about the same amount of time as me and boyfriend number 1. He doesn’t complain about his boyfriend going to cruisey gay clubs like The Hoist, so he thinks he should be free to find male models to draw, and just sometimes have a bit of fun with. I agree with him that there’s not much difference between the two activities.

“It strange really”, he tells me, “I get some lovely young guys to draw, the sort of guys who would be horrified if I showed any interest in them if I looked at them from a distance in a gay bar. But they’re quite happy to come and sit for me, and let me stare at their cock for two hours.”

“Yes it takes about 2 hours to get a reasonable drawing”, he continues, “so because you only had half an hour it wasn't really possible to draw you. I don’t usually get involved with them at all, but occasionally they clearly need a bit of relief so I end up helping out. For the most part, I think the guys I get just want to be drawn.”

Eventually it’s time to leave so I get dressed again and make my way home. He was a fascinating guy to talk to.

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