Monday, May 16, 2005

Fun with a Columbian guy from Verona

The following is verbatim conversation that I had on gaydar last Thursday morning using the gaydar online message system. Well, almost verbatim, a few minor identifying details have been removed to protect the privacy of those involved! The messages I receive are in italics.

6:25am: hi any face pics?

6:27am: pics with face attached, do you have any?

6:29am: hey very sexy!!! where are u?...G

6:30am: hi G, I'm near ------- tube but I can't accom, can you?

6:32am: u wanna come to my place im in ------- ...u have phone number? what time u wanna meet up?

6:35am: Great, I'd love to come over, I can come over this morning. My mobile number is ------- but please don't phone because I don't want my flatmate to hear any conversation, but txt msg is fine. Do you have a moblie phone number? Also what is your exact address?

6:39am: ok what time u wanna meet in my place 7 is ok for u? i live near ------- tube so meet u there.....u have more pics?

6:42am: Sorry mate, no more pics. Could we say 7:30 at ------- tube instead? Also can you send me a txt msg so I have your mobile phone number too?

6:44am: how tall are u? what are u up to? are u top or botton?

6:45am: I'm ----- tall :-)
I like doing what it says in my profile, so no anal. What r u after?

6:48am: ok meet u in ------- tube at 7:30...why no anal sex???? are u more active or passive? where are u from?

6:50am: I only do anal with guys I know well! And I'm from London. But please send me a txt msg, I don't visit guys unless I know how to contact them! Also it will prob take me 45 mins from when we stop talking.

6:54am: i send text right now!!! we have to meet very soon because i live with my brother but i dont what time come back!!!

6:54am: txt msg Hi is G here:-)

6:55am: Thanks I got it. I'm coming immediately. I'll phone you when I'm on my way, so hopefully it'll take less than 45 mins to get to you xxx

6:57am: hey bring all staff, comdom, lub ect whatever u want...sorry i don have nothing at home!!!

7:00am: since we're not going anal I dont think we need that kind of stuff? I'll be out of the house in 5 mins so I'll phone you then

7:02am: any fantasy? u have jock underwear?

I decide not to reply to this message. Instead I phone him when I’m on my way, “Hi G, I’m coming to visit you, OK?”

“Great, phone me when you get to the tube station, I’m very close so I’ll come and meet you there”. He’s got a deep masculine voice which I didn’t expect from the photos. Also he’s clearly not fluent in English, although he certainly speaks it well.

I arrive around 7:40am and phone him immediately. “OK wait there, I’ll be a couple of minutes or so.” When he arrives, he looks a few years older than the pics he sent me, but probably not more than 4 years older. “I live with one of my brothers, but he’s already left for work so we shouldn’t have any problems. I have to be careful though, none of my family know I’m gay.” He smiles a lot, and seems very friendly.

“Where are you from”, I ask him, while we’re walking to his apartment.

“Well one of my parents is Italian from Verona, and the other is Columbian. At different points in my childhood I live in both places.”

It’s a very new, tidy apartment. After a brief look at the view from the main lounge window, we head to the main bedroom and get down to business. In bed he’s quite selfish, wanting all the attention, wanting everything done his way.

“I want to f**k you”, he says after a few minutes.

“No thanks”, I say assertively, “that’s not on the menu.”

Before we’re finished, I get spanked a bit. I wonder whether this is his punishment for not letting him f**k me? At the finale he turns out to have a lot of juice. “Wow”, I think, “but I’m going to need a shower!”

Afterwards he tells me that he’s a student, studying economics.

“What will you do when you’ve finished your studies”, I ask him while admiring the view from the main lounge, drinking some water.

“I want to get a job with a bank.”

As I’m leaving I give him a kiss on the lips. “See you again maybe?” he says.

Perhaps. In my experience though, encounters with the same guy more than once are very very rare indeed. Apart from my encounters abroad, in all my years of meeting guys from the internet I can only recall two occasions when I have met up with a guy for a second time.

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