Sunday, May 22, 2005

Fun with a gorgeous Thai guy

Last Thursday I get home from work early after a client meeting that I had to attend outside the bank. Boyfriend number 1 is out visiting his parents, so I log on to gaydar to see if I can find any fun before he gets home.

Soon, a guy contacts me who’s interested in meeting me. He’s a Thai guy, in his late 20’s, working as a nurse in one of the London hospitals. He can accomdate in his room where he lives in the hospital so we exchange photos, and then have a brief conversation on our mobile phones. It’s all arranged quite quickly so I leave to meet him at once.

When I reach the relevant building in the hospital I take a seat in the reception area and phone him.

“Oh, you’ve arrived already, I’d better come down to meet you.”

A few minutes later I spot a guy who looks like the guy I’m expecting to meet but he doesn’t come over. But when I don’t follow him, he looks over and beckons me. He obviously doesn’t want to be seen taking me to his room.

“Sorry about that”, he says, “but the receptionist is from Thailand too, and I don’t want her to gossip about me.”

“Does it really matter”, I ask.

“Well everyone knows everyone else in the Thai community in London and it would be unpleasant if they found out I was gay. And I don’t want the news getting back to my family.”

We head to his room, which turns out to be absolutely tiny. There’s a small single bed, a wash basin, a wardrobe and a chest of drawers, with not much space in between. I start stripping off. “Oooh, you’re keen”, he says smiling.

Face to face he looks better than in the photos I saw online. He’s shorter than me, with a lovely friendly face. He’s got a nice body too, and it’s clear that he must go to the gym a lot. But on top of his gym-toned body he’s also quite podgy, which is lovely too because it makes him cuddley. We have a great session together lasting about 15 minutes.

Afterwards we lie naked on his bed together. He puts his head on my left shoulder so I cuddle him with my left arm. As we relax, he tells me a bit about his life. He’s been over here for five years now, so soon he’ll be applying for a permanent entry visa. At some point he wants to bring his family over for a visit.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” I ask.

“Yes I do, but I only see him about twice a month. He lives in Surrey with his wife and son”.

“Hmmm, I’m not sure it’s a good idea having a boyfriend like that. You’ll always be number two in his life.”

“Yes but he’s so sweet to me, I don’t think I could leave him.”

Such a lovely guy should be able to find a proper boyfriend, rather than having to play second fiddle to a bi-sexual guy’s wife. In my experience getting involved with bi-sexual guys is usually a bad idea, especially when they’ve already got a partner.

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