Friday, May 20, 2005

Another new face in the gym sauna

I enter the gym sauna last Tuesday and there’s a guy I don’t recognise in there. He’s quite slim, probably early 30’s, sitting there naked but with a small towel on his right leg hiding most, but not all, of his tackle. I sit down opposite him and look at him. We just about catch each other’s eye, so it’s very likely that he’s interested in a bit of fun.

Before we can take things any further, E comes in. I hadn’t seen E for at least a month (Back in London in the gym sauna last Monday) so it’s good to see him again. We exchange greetings and a few sentences, and then instinctively go quiet. We both look at the stranger and wonder whether he’s interested in some fun.

I stare at him, and especially his tackle area. And sure enough, slowly he gets excited. Which make me and E excited. So we start to play with ourselves a bit, but then we’re interrupted. It’s W. I get on well with W but he has become a bit of a pest recently when it comes to sauna fun. He used to enjoy participating, but not since he got himself a new boyfriend 9 months ago (The guy with the twitching cock in the gym sauna).

W is clearly tempted. The new guy looks at W and gradually starts touching himself. I can see that W is starting to get an erection. But instead of letting nature take its course, W decides to leave. Too bad.

With W out of the way I move to sit between E and the new guy. We end up playing with each other, and have a lovely time together. Afterwards I ask the stranger what his name is.

“I’m K”, he says.

“Have you joined the gym recently”, I ask, “I haven’t seen you here before”.

“Actually I’m a member of one of the other branches of this gym. But they’re renovating my gym for a few months, so we’re allowed to use the other branches.”

“Is there anything like this sauna in your branch?”

“Yes actually, but I think they may be getting rid of it in the renovation.”

Later I wonder whether a cruisey sauna is an asset or liability to a gym. On the liability side, straight guys might complain about not being able to take a relaxing sauna without tripping over gay guys getting off with each other. But there's also no doubt that some gay guys join this gym rather than any other because they like a spot of fun after their workouts.

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