Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A visit to a guy in his office during office hours

I’ve visited guys at their office premises on many occasions (e.g. My chance to be a rent boy), but never before during standard office hours. Until last Monday.

I’m logged onto gaydar and I’m chatting with a guy who’s interested in meeting me, so I ask, “Where are you in London?”

“Covent Garden”, he replies, “but I’m at work”

“That’s not too far for me to travel, but can you accom there?”

“Yes, there’s a toilet we can use”

I’m not sure about this. It doesn’t sound very comfortable. I was hoping that he’d have an office, or perhaps some kind of meeting room would be available. “Is it a smelly toilet?” I ask.

“No it’s clean, and it’s got a full length mirror on one wall too. I’ll have to sign you in at the reception, but you can use whatever name you like. I’ve done this before a few times.”

I tell him it actually sounds quite exciting so I agree to visit him there in a couple of hours, after a meeting he has to have.

We meet up in the street as planned, a short walk from his office building. When I go into the reception area I just have to give a name, there’s no ID check, I get a visitors pass, and I’m inside. It’s a smart building with lots of marble and glass.

From the ground floor he takes me down a couple of flights of stairs. “This is a deep building” I say on the way. Then we walk along a corridor, and he has to use his electronic door pass to get into a canteen area. We walk through the canteen area, into a corridor and past a few open meeting rooms with people milling around inside and all of a sudden there’s a male toilet.

We enter, but we’re followed in by a smart guy wearing a suit. There are two urinals, a big cubicle and a small cubicle. We take up positions at the urinals while the guy disappears into the small cubicle. I look to my host for guidance, but he’s busy getting his cock out. Actually I could do with a wee, so I do the same. My host however doesn’t want a wee; instead he slowly starts playing with himself. He smiles at me, and looks down so see how big I am. We both have a good look at each other, while the smart guy is still in the cubicle.

Soon the smart guy moves to wash his hands. We go to do the same but luckily, before we’ve finished washing our hands the smart guy leaves. My host immediately beckons me into the big cubicle, and once we’re both inside he locks the door.

As promised, there’s a big full length mirror on one wall. But why is this mirror there? The mirror is placed so that whoever is using the cubicle will get a full view of themselves on the toilet, but what’s the point of that? If the mirror was in the main part of the toilet, perhaps by the exit, then everyone would be able to use it on their way out.

I’m a bit concerned that this toilet isn’t quiet enough for this kind of activity. Already there has been one other guy in there at the same time as us. The partitions between the cubicles start six inches above the floor, so if anyone looks underneath they’ll see two pairs of feet. Still, the risk of being caught is part of the fun. And as promised it’s quite clean, not smelly at all.

We both gradually strip off. Eventually I’m completely naked, apart from my black socks. It’s hard to relax and really enjoy it though, because it’s no where near as comfortable as someone’s apartment, and we have to listen out in case anyone else comes in. Although the other guy is slim, he looks a bit weedy when naked, so he’s not really my type. I also think that the pictures he pointed me to on the internet are at least 5 years old. But luckily we’re not disturbed by any further visitors to the toilet and so we help each other reach a satisfactory conclusion.

After we’ve mopped up the mess on the floor the guy shows me out. But instead of re-tracing our steps, he shows me out past the security guard at the back entrance of the building. This means I never had to go along the same corridor, past any of the same rooms or through any of the same doors, no one is likely to see me twice and ask what’s going on. He’s definitely got the drill for these kind of sessions all worked out.

I head for the gym. On the way I wonder how many encounters of this kind occur in London each day. Given that London is a big city, quite a few I imagine.

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