Friday, April 29, 2005

Fun before work on a Monday morning (again!)

There must be something special about Monday mornings. After a restless night’s sleep, I get up early and log onto gaydar and, just like the previous Monday (Fun before work with a young dancer). I am not disappointed.

As on the previous Monday, it’s a guy on that contacts me. He’s in his early twenties and lives quite centrally in London, so visiting him before work is quite feasible. He’s been up all night and needs a bit of fun before going to sleep. “I’m going to skip work today”, he says.

While I’m in the taxi on my way to meet this guy, I get a txt msg from J:

am going 2 gym this am

We had arranged a few weeks ago that J would txt me when he was going to the gym in the morning, so that if I was in the gym too I would know to come and find him for fun in the sauna (J gets my mobile phone number). I quickly send a reply:

OK I should be there later but first I am meeting a guy from for a bit of fun

I’ve never admitted to J before that I use the Internet to find fun, so I’m not sure what he’ll think of me when he gets the message. Maybe I’ll find out later.

The taxi arrives at the young guy’s apartment block so I phone him. “I’ll be right down to let you in”, he says. He arrives to open the door while I’m wondering why he can’t just press a button in his apartment to let me in. He’s got a much shorter haircut compared to his picture I saw on which makes him look a bit fierce, but he seems happy to see me.

The apartment is quite small, on the sixth floor of this apartment block. There's just a single room with a tiny bathroom and a tiny kitchen attached, but it’s comfortable enough. There are no curtains on the window, so all the rooms from the hotel opposite can see into the guy’s room. “The curtains are open”, I say, “but I don’t mind if you don’t”.

He ignores my comment, and comes up and rubs his body up against mine. I guess that mean that he doesn't mind. I can feel that his body isn’t as toned as the dancer I met the previous week, but he’s a gorgeous guy none the less. Gently he kisses me, while reaching down to the gym shorts I’m wearing to feel me. Gradually we strip, and move over to the single bed. With the curtains remain open, we have a very enjoyable time.

Afterwards we just lie there, naked. He moves up to put his head on my shoulder, so I put my arm round him and hold him tightly. “How old are you?” he asks.

I tell him the truth. “I’m sorry,” I say, “I know that’s older than I admit to on”.

“Don’t worry”, he chuckles.

“So how old are you then?” I ask.

“My profile tells the truth”.

We lie there in each other’s arms for around twenty minutes. He tells me that he’s a clerk of some sort in an insurance company in the city, but he needs to find a job that pays more. He wants to be a writer of some sort. “But I’ve got ages to try and do that”, he says, “you can find quite a few writers who didn’t get published until they were in their forties”.

Eventually it seems like time to go so we mop up. “You know, you look younger in real life compared to your online photos”, he tells me as I get dressed. That makes me wonder whether I should get the photos re-done. Down on the street, I grab a taxi and head to the gym for a shower.

Once inside the gym changing rooms, I strip and make my way the sauna to see if J is still there. I’m in luck, I walk into the sauna and he’s inside on his own. “So you’ve already had a bit of fun this morning?” he says to me quietly.

But just then another guy enter. It's N (Fun with N in the gym sauna after an exercise class), however I don't think J and N don’t know each other.

“I’m late actually, I’m going to have to go”, says J, conscious of the fact that we can’t really talk about my excursion this morning now N is there.

“I’ll tell you about it later”, I say with a big grin on my face.

Once J had left, there’s just me and N in the sauna. N has laid down on his back naked, and as he looks over to where I’m sitting, I notice that he’s starting to get an erection. I go and see next to him, and while he’s lying there I gently rub his body, his legs, and start playing with him. “Just enjoy it”, I whisper to him with a smile on my face, “I’ve already cum this morning”. Luckily we’re not interrupted.

Afterwards I shower and head for the office. It’s been a busy morning already!

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