Saturday, April 09, 2005

J gets my mobile phone number

Having met J last Thursday after a gap of almost two months (A meeting with J in the gym sauna), on Friday I was hoping to see him again. With a bit of luck we would be able to have some fun together, and I’ll give him my mobile phone number so he’ll be able to contact me in future.

After my usual Friday morning gym class, I enter the sauna and J is there. I smile, and go over to sit next to him. Since we’re the only two guys there, I lean over tickle his scrotum. “Hmmm”, he murmurs, “nice to see you”.

“I’ve got something for you”, I say, slipping him a bit of paper with my mobile phone number on it. “Now you’ll be able to contact me”.

“Great”, says J, “I’ll send you a txt msg this afternoon and then you’ll have my number too”.

Before we can really get started though, another naked guy enters the sauna. Damm, it’s S who works for an ex-colleague of mine from a few years ago. I should have guessed he might turn up because we were in the gym class together. He can tell he’s interrupted something and looks slightly embarrassed.

Interruptions from someone that one knows are always more embarrassing on both sides. And S has interrupted me before (Friday morning in the gym sauna). However J told me a couple of months ago that he was sure S was gay, in which case S is presumably no stranger to having a bit of fun in the sauna.

Another guy from the gym class enters the sauna too so it doesn’t look as though any fun will be possible there today. J leaves. I chat briefly to S and the other guy about the gym class we’ve just both been in, but soon I leave the sauna too.

“Why don’t we put our shorts on and go to that room I know”, I ask J quietly once I’ve located him. This is what I suggested the day before, but J hadn’t had his shorts with him.

This time he’s got something he can wear. “OK sure”, he says smiling and looking curious at the same time. Although J knows where the room is, he’s never been inside before.

Once inside the room I lock the door, and we both strip naked. We wrap our arms round each and just cuddle, standing up. “Its not really possible to do this in the sauna is it?” I say to him, with a big smile on my face. We both enjoy what follows.

Afterwards we walk back to the changing room together. “I’ll send you a txt msg later”, says J as we part company.

It’s been really good to have some fun with J again. J knows about boyfriend number 1, so he knows I’m not looking for a relationship. But I’m still worried that perhaps I’m getting too involved with J, given that he now has my mobile phone number.

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