Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Fun with N in the gym sauna after an exercise class

Last Friday, I’m in one of the classes at the gym, when I spot the guy who was using a sweat-towel to hide his modesty in the sauna the previous Tuesday (New faces in the gym sauna). We’re too far away from each other to make eye contact, but I reckon that he’s spotted me too. Then on the way out, he smiles and winks at me. I smile back. He looks gorgeous, so I hope the wink means that he’ll be in the sauna soon so we can have some fun.

The sauna is empty when I go in, but after a minute or two the guy arrives from the class. We smile at each other and he comes and sits close. But then S comes in too. S is the guy who works for an ex-colleague of mine from a few years ago. J thinks S is gay (Valentines day morning, 2005), and although I’ve never seen any compelling evidence, I would agree with J that S does act in way that makes it very likely.

So I chat to S for a while. “Why don’t you do the step class tonight?” suggests S, “I’m sure you’d enjoy it. Of course, the instructor tonight is the long-term partner of one of the other instructors here”. Both instructors that S is referring to are male, so S has just told me about a gay relationship between a couple of the gym instructors.

“How do you know that?” I ask, amazed.

“Oh I use the hairdressing salon here, and one of the guys there told me”.

Since S has brought up the subject of partners, and gay partners in particular, I feel this is my chance to find out a bit more about S. “Do you have a partner?” I ask. But the answer surprises me.

“Yes”, says S in a tone of voice that implies that it’s a completely stupid question, “I’ve been married a while”. So, the innate intuition that gay guys are meant to have to be able to identify other gay guys has just failed both me and J, at least on the face of it. I try to look relaxed. “Do you have a partner?” asks J. Fair question.

“Yes, but we’re not married”, I say, shaking my head. “But we’ve been together since 1989”.

At this point the guy from the gym class who winked at me leaves the sauna. I feel disappointed that I haven’t had any fun with him. This gives S the chance to probe me further on the matter of my partner.

“Doesn’t she want to get married?” he says. But he spots my discomfort. “Is your partner female”, he continues, “or male?”

“Errr, male actually”.

“Wow”, say S, “since 1989, that’s a very long time for a gay relationship”. Of course he’s right. So in spite of being married, he knows a lot about gay relationships. It’s not impossible that he’s a married gay guy.

Just then the guy from the gym class comes back into the sauna. So he just went to cool down in the shower. Great I think. I’ll leave now, which will probably mean that S will leave soon too, and then I can go back after a cool-down shower for a bit of fun.

My plan works. When I get back in the sauna, it’s just me and the guy from the gym class. He’s lying on his back, naked, with a semi-erect cock. He looks wonderful, so I go and sit close. Slowly, I touch him on the shoulder. His cock stiffens a bit more. Gradually I rub his nipples, his torso, before moving downstairs. We have a great time together.

Afterwards I ask him his name. “N”, he says, smiling at me, so I tell him my name. Hopefully I’ll see him here again.

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