Sunday, April 17, 2005

New faces in the gym sauna

Last Tuesday, I enter the gym sauna and it’s empty, so I lie down on my back naked and relax. After seeing J in here three days in a row, I didn’t expect to see him again today.

Soon a naked guy comes in and I think I recognise him. I’m not sure, but we may have had a session together a few months ago, even though he looks quite straight. I look up and see him looking over at me, so I sit up and take an interest in the situation. Once I’m sitting up, I can see that he’s gradually getting an erection. However many times I find myself in this situation, I always find it exciting watching another guy getting an erection, so I usually end up getting one as well!

Soon he notices that I’m aroused too, and he comes over and sits next to me. We start playing with each other and soon he shoots his load. We haven’t spoken to each other at all, so as he walks out I ask him what his name is. But he just shakes his head, almost angry that I’d asked. Strange guy, it’s not like I’d asked to shag his son. My guess is that he’s probably got a wife or a girlfriend, and always hates himself after he’s satisfied his need for a bit of fun with another guy.

I go for a shower to cool down, then go back into the sauna. Again I’m the only guy there. Soon a lovely looking guy comes and sits down directly opposite me. I look at him, and we catch each other’s eye, so I’m sure he’s looking for fun too. Although he’s naked, he’s got a small sweat-towel that he uses to hide his modesty, however I can see that underneath something is stirring. He smiles at me as he removes the sweat-towel, allowing me to watch him stiffen. I smile back, and go to sit next to him. Just as his erection looks as though it’s reaching its peak, another guy suddenly enters. The guy I'm sitting next to quickly hides himself under his small sweat-towel again. Soon his erection subsides and he leaves for the showers. What a pity.

I’ve seen the guy who has just interrupted us in there a couple of times before, and my guess is that he’s after some fun too. But I don’t yet have any strong evidence for this, apart from the fact that the guy is always naked, and that he’s always looking around perhaps trying to work out if anything is going on. So I leave for another shower to cool down.

On my return, there are two guys in the sauna: the guy who had just interrupted us, and another guy who’s lying down. I try to test my guess about the guy who had interrupted us by taking up a position where I have a really good view of his tackle. A straight guy would never take up that kind of position, and if this guy is straight my position will probably make him feel uncomfortable so he’s likely to want to exit the situation, perhaps by changing his position or leaving all together. But he just sits there. We catch each other’s eye so I feel sure that my guess was right.

We sit there for maybe five minutes, but with the third guy around nothing is going to happen. Eventually the guy who had interrupted us leaves for the showers. Shortly afterwards I follow. It’s been an enjoyable visit, and hopefully I’ll get to see some of these guys again in the future.

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