Tuesday, April 26, 2005

An encounter with a blatant liar

I’ve mentioned before that the ‘Internet age’ of guys on gaydar and gay.com is often lower than their real age (What's your internet age?). However most guys stay within the boundaries of plausibility. But not the guy I met last Saturday.

On Saturday morning I’ve got some work to do on my laptop. Although I’m not going to look for fun actively on gaydar, I still log in and let it sit there in the background. If any guys want to chat to me then that’s great, I’ll just be a passive user this morning.

A couple of guys chat to me over the next hour or so. Eventually there’s one guy who wants me to visit him. His profile says he’s 32 years old. He sends me a picture of himself, although it’s a very small picture so it’s hard to see things clearly. He’s an oriental guy, and I know oriental guys often love having fun with English guys, so everything seems in order. I decide to take a trip across town to visit him.

The guy lives about 3 miles away so I grab a taxi. The taxi journey across London is a nightmare. Waterloo bridge is closed for some reason, Whitehall is closed for some parade or demonstration, but after changing taxis a couple of times and walking a short distance I arrive.

It’s a smart apartment block, with magnificent views of the river Thames and some of London’s famous landmarks. When I reach his door I knock, and the door opens. But the guy isn’t visible. I hear him say from behind the door, “Hi, welcome”, so I walk in and he closes the door behind me. Now I’m in his lair!

I wasn’t really ready for the question he asked me next. I turn round to look at him and straight away he says, “Are you OK?”

“Err yes, it was a tiresome journey, but I’m fine”, I reply.

“Are you OK? Are you sure?” He looks nervous.

It gradually dawns on me that he’s referring to the fact that he’s clearly at least 20 years older than he specified in his gaydar profile.

“Are you OK?”

“Yes, I’m fine”, I say disappointed. I am OK, because there have been occasions in the past when I’ve had some great fun with older guys. But I’m disappointed because I was looking forward to the kind of session I had with the younger oriental guys when I was in Singapore in February (Singapore trip Feb 2005. Monday, final day). It’s clear to me that it’s going to be a different kind of session with this guy. Why can’t guys be less dishonest?

He enjoys playing with me and I have a satisfactory time, although not a great one. Afterwards I admire the view from his apartment. It turns out that he’s a hotel-catering manager. He’s a nice enough guy, apart from the fact that he’s a blatant liar!

I head to gym, and get back home to boyfriend number 1 around 1pm. “Do you fancy visiting a couple of gardens with me this afternoon?” asks boyfriend number 1 over lunch.

It turns out that there are two interesting London gardens open as part of the National Garden Scheme. One of these is very close to the guy’s apartment. So later the same day, I find myself standing outside the same apartment block, this time with boyfriend number 1 while we’re looking for a cab to take us home. One day, I think to myself, this kind of co-incidence will somehow catch me out!

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