Sunday, April 24, 2005

Afternoon fun in the gym sauna on Thursday

Last week was a rotten week at the bank. The week started out well enough, visiting R for some fun before work on Monday (Fun before work with a young dancer), but in terms of work everything is painful at the moment. By Thursday I feel so frustrated that I need to get out to try and find some fun. I take the easy option of leaving for a late lunch and going for a sauna at the gym.

There’s no one in the sauna when I enter so I lie down on my back. Almost immediately an Asian guy enters, and takes up a position where he’s got a good view of my naked body. I look over at him and we catch each other’s eye so it’s all sorted, we’re both after a bit of fun. I sit up and look at him and soon I’ve moved over to sit next to him. He’s a bit shorter than I am with well-developed muscles everywhere on his body, a very fit looking guy.

We have a bit of preliminary fun before he makes a suggestion, “Why don’t we go to the permanent locker area?”

This is a good idea for a couple of reasons. The part of the men’s changing rooms where the permanent lockers are is a very quiet area, and at this time of the afternoon we’re highly unlikely to be disturbed. In terms of privacy, the sauna is much more of a lottery. And although we’re obviously both used to having fun in the hot sauna environment, the truth is I that I prefer fun at more everyday temperatures. So we leave the sauna separately, and discretely make our way to the quiet area. As expected it’s empty.

We take off our towels and stand there facing each other next to one of the benches, both naked. I smile at him and put my hand on his shoulder. He reciprocates. I’m in luck because it turns out that he loves cuddling, and so do I of course. In this situation cuddling really means hugging, so we wrap our hands round each other and hold each other close while standing up. He enjoys kissing too, so we have a great time. Somehow my pent-up frustration from work makes the finale even more enjoyable than usual.

Afterwards he asks me my name. It turns out that his name is T. “You’re lovely”, he says, “can we carry on hugging for a bit?”

“Yes of course”, I say in a low voice. What a gorgeous guy, I’ve never found a guy from the gym sauna scene that’s so into cuddling. While we're hugging we talk to each other quietly.

“Shall we keep in touch?” says T.

He seems a bit keener than the usual types of guys one meets here! Well, I’d better be honest with him. “Actually I’ve got a boyfriend, we’ve been together since 1989. Let’s just look out for each other in the sauna.”

He smiles at me. “I’ve got a boyfriend too, you know, and sometimes I bring him here. So I might not be able to say hello to you next time I’m here, if I’m with him!”

“OK, is your boyfriend Asian too?” I ask.

“Actually he’s Scandinavian”, says T with a grin, “we’ve been together for around two years now”.

Eventually it seems like it’s time to part company. T is a really nice guy, and certainly not the usual type of guy that participates in sauna fun. I hope I see him again.

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