Friday, April 15, 2005

Fun with J and T in the gym sauna last Monday

When I entered the sauna on Monday morning I didn’t expect to see J. After I gave him my mobile phone number the previous Friday (J gets my mobile phone number), we tentatively agreed that he’d send me a txt msg whenever he was going to the gym in the morning. And on Monday morning I didn’t get a txt mg.

But I do have a soft spot for J so it’s good to see him. “I didn’t expect to see you here”, I start, “because I didn’t get a txt msg”.

“Yes, sorry”, says J, “ I forgot to bring my mobile phone on the train with me”. So perhaps this idea isn’t really going to work after all!

The only other guy who’s in the sauna leaves so I move closer to J and start fondling his tackle. J closes his eyes and smiles. We start to have a bit of fun, but suddenly we’re interrupted by the door opening. A naked guy walks in who I recognise. He smiles at us, because he can tell that we’re up to the usual.

Although I don’t know the guy’s name, I’ve had fun with him at least half a dozen times in the past. In fact this guy was there on the day that I got J to shoot his load for the first time, and then after J had left for a shower this guy and me had had some fun together.

Back to last Monday and when I see who it is I start playing with J again. So the guy comes over to join us. He sits on one side of me, I’m in the middle, and J is on the other side. Luckily we’re not disturbed and we have a very enjoyable time together.

Afterwards J leaves first to have a shower. I’m about to go when I say to the guy “By the way, what’s your name?”.

“T”, he says, smiling at me.

So I tell him my name. “And that other guy is called J”, I say, indicating to where J had been sitting. I think it’s much better knowing the names of the guys that I have fun with, because it makes our activities together friendlier and less impersonal.

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