Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Fun in the gym sauna last Thursday

After a difficult morning at the bank last Thursday, I decide to take a late lunch break which I use to visit the gym sauna. Although the guys who use the sauna change constantly, guys who use it regularly tend to use it at a similar time of day, so by varying the time of my visits means I can vary the guys I'm likely to meet there.

I enter and there's just one guy, wearing his swimming trunks. However this guy catches my eye before looking away so I think he may be open to a bit of fun. Another guy enters, naked, who's a bit stocky. He also looks over in my direction and catches my eye, although he then looks away. So perhaps both of them are interested in participating in a bit of fun?

But a few other guys come in who are definitely not participants. Soon I leave to cool down in the shower. The guy wearing his trunks does the same.

When I go back all but one of the non-participants have left, and the stocky guy is lying down naked on his back, with his stocky cock lying exhibited on his stomach in a very obvious manner. This guy is definitely up for it, I think.

Just as the last non-participant is leaving, the original guy who was in his swimming trunks re-enters, but now he's naked too. So suddenly there are three of us in the sauna, and we're probably all up for a bit of fun.

To get things going, I stare in a fairly obvious manner at the stocky guy's cock lying on his stomach. Soon he starts to get an erection, and he sits up. I look over at other guy to see that he's has already got an erection which he's hiding behind his hands. Great! After we watch each other play with ourselves for a minute or so, the stocky guy comes over to give me a hand. We all have an enjoyable time.


Anonymous said...

Hey GB,

I'm amazed at the number of encounters you had. I have never really read anyone's sexual life before this so I guess I am abit surprised although I know such things do occur frequently.


GB said...

Everyone needs a few hobbies DL, and I guess meeting guys for a bit of fun is one of mine! Since I started blogging in Feb-2005, this blog has indeed been a record of every guy that I've met in a sexual context, except for stuff done with boyfriend number 1, and with boyfriend number 2 on holiday in June/July 2005. There are probably a few situations where something started or almost started at the gym, but never got very far so I didn't think it worthy of blogging. Oh, and solo-wanks omitted too!