Thursday, April 07, 2005

A meeting with J in the gym sauna

I hadn't seen J since Valentines day morning, 2005, although I'd been keeping a lookout for him (Thursday fun at the gym, but where is J?). But this morning I walked into the sauna and there he was :-)

"Where have you been”, I ask him. There are a couple of other naked guys in the sauna, and one of them looks as though he’s cruising J. So I’m happy that J wants to talk to me.

“Oh I’ve been around”, replies J, “although a bit lazy in the mornings. But you’ve been away on holiday too”.

“True”, I say, and I tell him about my holiday with boyfriend number 1 (On holiday in Southern Europe with Boyfriend Number 1).

Over the next 15 minutes, we leave and re-enter the sauna a couple of times showering while we’re outside to cool down, hoping that we’ll have an opportunity to be alone so we can have some fun together. At one point when we’re back inside, I start to play with J, but almost immediately a new guy enters.

“Have you brought your shorts”, I ask J when we’re outside again, thinking about the obscure lockable room I know which would require us to leave the men's changing rooms.

“No, sorry”, says J.

We head to the showers again and I try to play with J’s cock under the glass partition that divides his showering area from mine, but it’s tricky.

“Unfortunately I’m going to have to go to work soon”, I say, disappointed.

“Perhaps you could give me your mobile phone number”, suggests J, “then we could use txt msgs to co-ordinate our visits”.

“Great idea, I’ll be here tomorrow so I’ll give it to you then if you’re around”.

“I’ll try to be”, he says smiling at me as I walk away to put on my clothes.

It’s been great to see J again, I hope I manage to meet him tomorrow.

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