Saturday, April 23, 2005

A conundrum in the gym sauna

I’m in the gym sauna last Wednesday morning with just one other naked guy. I’ve never seen this other guy in there before, but slowly we establish that we’re both interested in a bit of fun. In fact he becomes visibly excited, so I move to sit next to him.

At this point, W walks in, with some swimming shorts on. I’ve mentioned W before (Back in the gym in London in the men's sauna), he used to be very keen on sauna fun but hasn’t participated for at least 6 months. On his entry I say hello to W, he reciprocates, and then all three of us just sit there. So the conundrum is, how to make fun occur involving all three of us?

Should I just try continuing with the new guy? I feel certain that confronted with fun, W would be unable to resist joining in, but the new guy will feel it’s inappropriate because he doesn’t know W so to him there’s someone else there with shorts on.

Perhaps a better plan would be to try to cruise W somehow. It would be so much easier though if W would just take off his shorts. I’m sure W can tell he’s interrupted something, and I occasionally see him touching the front of his shorts so he may be getting a bit of a stiffy underneath.

Maybe I should play the exhibitionist. This would show the new guy that I’m comfortable with W being there, and hopefully it would coax W into leaving or joining in.

Unfortunately before I can solve the conundrum, the new guy leaves. Although he returns soon after, having had a cool down shower, at that point another guy enters too. Ahhh well, it was interesting to see W in the sauna again, and hopefully he’ll show a bit of interest in having a bit of fun the next time.

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